Why Your Business Should Consider Colocation

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Why Your Business Should Consider Colocation

 January 16th, 2019

In-house data centers can be expensive to maintain.  A colocation facility provides an off-site location for companies to house their data/servers and is a hosting option utilized for businesses of all sizes for a variety of reasons.  Colocation allows you to store your equipment in a secure data center with a public IP address, bandwidth, and power supplied by the service provider to your servers.  Here are a few reasons why your business should consider colocation.

Better connectivity/network security

Data centers have fully redundant network connections ensuring that customers’ critical applications always run uninterrupted.  Also, data centers have top-notch network security, including the latest firewalls / IDS (intrusion detection system), to detect and prevent unauthorized access to their customers' systems. 

Redundant power

Colocation data centers offer power redundancy through a combination of multiple power grids, backup generators, and battery backup systems. 

Room for growth

Colocation allows you to expand your infrastructure to fit the needs of your company’s growth without having to take on capital expenditures. If your company grows, your infrastructure can expand to support it quickly and with less investment.

A step toward cloud migration

If your company is looking at cloud computing soon, colocation provides a smooth transition to the cloud using migration tools that will allow you to transfer your data into a cloud platform quickly. 

24/7 access

Anything can happen from hardware failure, required software installation, and/or updates that need you to be able to have access to your machine(s) at all hours of the day.  Data centers provide 24/7 access to your colocated machines.  Some colocation providers also offer remote hands when you are unavailable.  This allows you to call your provider and have someone on-site assist you.  Some providers may charge for this extra service, and some may include remote-hands at no charge.

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