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  • 04/13/2016

    How to preview your site before switching DNS with your hosts file (Windows)

    If you are moving your website to a new server and would like to test
    it before you go live, there are several ways to do this, including
    using a temporary URL.  The downside to a temporary URL is that
    some scripts will automat...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    Setting up Your iPhone/iPad/iOS

    How to Setup Your Email Account on the iPhone 1. From the home screen,
    tap Settings 2. On the Settings screen, tap Mail, Contacts,
    Calendars   3. Tap Add Account...   4.
    Tap Other   5. Under the...Read More

  • 09/30/2016

    How do I setup Microsoft Outlook for SmarterMail?

    Open Outlook. Click the Tools menu, and select Account
    Settings. Click on the  Email tab and click on
    the New... button. Next select Microsoft Exchange,
    POP3, IMAP or HTTP and click...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    SSL in Plesk

    (Note: this applies to a shared hosting account with a Plesk v10 or
    v11 control panel interface)First, generate a new (or renewal)
    CSR.  Login to your account's control panel, go to Websites &
    Domains -> Secure Your Site...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    How do I redirect my site using a .htaccess file?

    Note: Applies to Linux hosting accounts only.   Create an empty
    text file using a text editor such as notepad, and save it as
    htaccess.txt. The reason you should save the file as htaccess.txt is
    because many operating systems ...Read More

  • 06/03/2015

    Mail server settings for email clients

    To view your Mail server settings select E-Mail in the left
    navigation bar.     Click on Domain or Gear icon for
    the Domain in question.     Click the Eye Icon for the email
    address in question.    ...Read More

  • 01/08/2015

    I need access to my server(s). When can I visit?

    Sectorlink's data centers are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 
    This includes most holidays.  All we ask is that you please call
    ahead of your visit to gain access to the facility....Read More

  • 05/21/2015

    Enabling Ruby on Rails support for a domain in Plesk

    Go to your domain that you want to adjust, and click Setup. Make
    sure the CGI and FastCGI options are enabled. Pick
    a name for your application and make the directory for your
    application in the httpdoc...Read More

  • 06/09/2015

    How to Manage DNS

    You can manage DNS via the "DNS Zones" option on the Left navigation
    bar of the Dashboard. From here you can add/remove DNS zones or edit
    existing ones.   To add a domain to DNS, select "Add New DNS
    Zone". . and enter the doma...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    How do I change the SMTP port in my e-mail client?

    Changing SMTP Port 25 to Port 2525 in Outlook XP/2003 1. Open the
    tools menu then choose email account. Select “View or change
    existing email account”, click next. 2. Choose the email
    account you want to change...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    Create IIS application in Plesk control panel interface

    - Login to your control panel interface, go to Websites & Domains
    -> (Show Advanced Operations) -> Virtual Directories- Click
    "Create Virtual Directory".- Under "Name", enter the directory in
    question that needs to be setu...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    Adding a POP account to Android Mail

    Set Up POP - Android To set up Android for POP, do the
    following: From the Home screen, tap the Application button. Tap the
    Email icon. If this is your first email account, you will be presented
    with an email setup screen. Tap the ...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    Supported Browsers – Parallels Plesk Panel 10

    Firefox 3.5 and above Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 Safari 4.0
    and above Google Chrome 6.x NOTE: Pop-up blocking in your
    browser should be disabled when using Parallels Plesk Panel.Microsoft
    IE 6 will work with Plesk 10...Read More

  • 06/04/2015

    ODBC Connection String for MySQL

    In an environment where the IIS worker process runs as 32-bit, use one
    of the following: Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.2 ANSI
    Driver={MySQL ODBC 5....Read More

  • 06/04/2015

    Using Access database on a 64-bit hosting environment

    When connecting to an Access database on an IIS server where the
    site's worker process runs as 64-bit, the 32-bit JET driver will not
    function: Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data
    Source=C:\path\to\access.mdb Your connection strin...Read More

  • 05/30/2015

    Previewing your site

    Before you switch your DNS to the cloud hosting, you can preview your
    domain. In the domain management page, select the “View
    Website” icon. You will be directed to a temporary URL that is
    in the format domain_tld.serve...Read More

  • 06/03/2015

    Managing email domains

    First, select E-Mail from the Left navigation pane of the
    Dashboard Adding a mail domain and click Add Mail
    Domain.   Fill out the fields in the dialog. The default email
    address will be your first email account and...Read More

  • 06/26/2015

    Enter custom Apache directives for domain in Plesk for Linux

    Create a custom vhost.conf file and populate it with the appropriate
    content, for example: <Location /> deny from
    all </Location> Depending on your version of Plesk, this file
    will be created at the following location:...Read More

  • 01/07/2015

    Plesk Hosting And Multiple SSL Certificates

    My hosting plan allows for multiple websites.  Can I attach an
    SSL certificate to more than one of my websites? Each hosting plan is
    capable of only one SSL certificate.  If you already have an SSL
    certificate attached to ...Read More

  • 06/02/2015

    Sample CDOSYS mailing script

    The following code sample should work on any Windows shared hosting
    server: <% Dim ObjSendMail Set ObjSendMail =
    CreateObject("CDO.Message") ObjSendMail.Configuration.Fields.Item
    ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuratio...Read More

  • 01/08/2015

    Create T-SQL dump of MS SQL data

    Open Management Studio and connect via your SQL server host name, the
    database username and password.Once connected, select your database
    from the list and right-click.  Select Tasks -> Generate
    Scripts...At the Generate and...Read More

  • 05/30/2015

    Redirecting a Website

    In order to configure a website redirect in the Cloud Control
    panel,  select "Websites" from the left navigation
    bar.      then the domain that you wish to
    redirect.       From here, sele...Read More

  • 06/05/2015

    Recursively delete old files in Windows

    The following command will recursively delete files older than X
    number of days: forfiles -p "C:\PATH\TO\FILES" -s -m *.* /D -[number
    of days] /C "cmd /c if @isdir==FALSE del @path"  ...Read More

  • 06/05/2015

    MySQL scheduled backups on Linux via CRON

    The following commands can be added via crontab.  As-is, they
    will dump all MySQL databases to a GZIPped batch file every 2 hours
    and delete old dumps after 10 days.Substitute the correct values for
    USER (usually "root") and PA...Read More