FileZilla FTP server recommended settings

Edit -> Settings

*Note: settings not explictly mentioned can generally be left as defaults

  • Passive mode settings

Check "Use custom port range", and enter a custom range.

  • Logging

Check "Enable logging to file"
Select "Use a different logfile each day"
Check "Delete old logfiles after [14] days"

  • SSL/TLS settings.

Check "Enable FTP over SSL/TLS support (FTPS)
Upload a copy of your SSL certificate on your server, and enter the appropriate paths for "Private key file" and "Certificate file", or generate a self-signed certificate

  • Autoban

Check "Enable automatic bans"

**If you have not done so already, open an exception in the Windows Firewall for the FileZilla executable, or for the ports 21/TCP, 990/TCP, and the passive range you specified above.

Use the following steps to add a FTP user:

Edit -> Users

  • General

Click "Add", enter a username.
Make sure the new user is highlighted, check "Password" and enter a password for this user.

  • Shared folders

Click "Add", browse to a folder where this user will have access.
Give this user appropriate permissions for this directory (usually, you will check all boxes under "Files" and "Directories").

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