How to import a website from an existing host

If you already have a website hosted that you want to move to your cloud web hosting account, you can do so with the migration tools built-in to your control panel.

  • From your control panel, click on the "Importing" option on the left side panel to expand the menu
  • Select "Import Website"

Fill out the FTP details for where the site is currently hosted. 

  • User: FTP username
  • Password: FTP password
  • Server: Server IP or hostname¬†
  • Port: In most cases, you will not need to change this setting

Hit "Next" to select the website you wan to transfer the content to

  • Cloud FTP Account: Select the FTP user and domain from the dropdown
  • Enter the password the the FTP user

Hit "Next" to configure the source and destination details

  • Select the folder that the web content is located in for the "Source"
  • Select the "Destination" folder for where you want the files copied to (/www/html/ for Linux and /www/ for Windows)

Note: Only the folders will display here and not individual files

Hit "Next" then "Finish" to start the transfer

It can take several hours to transfer larger websites. You can check the status of the migration from your control panel

  • Click on the "Importing" option on the left side panel to expand the menu
  • Select "Status"
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