Covid-19 Alert - A Few Safety Tips To Remember

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Covid-19 Alert - A Few Safety Tips To Remember

 March 26th, 2020

During these times of Covid-19, here are a few safety tips to remember when you are online.

Falling Prey To Scams

Don't fall prey to any scams, whether on your cell, email, or even social media phishing scams.  Do not open any email attachments.  Do not fall victim to any untrusted source giving out Covid-19 health advice.  You will want to use only trusted sources, such as government websites, hospital websites, etc.  Lastly, do not give out any financial information, whether via text on your cell, email, etc.

Phishing Infocenter Information

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Scams

Be in the know with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Follow Employer Security Guideline

Make sure you follow your employer’s safety tips for working remotely.  Remember not to give out any information regarding your employer’s security (i.e., your login credentials).

Keep America Connected

During these times, many internet companies have signed an agreement to keep the internet on, due to the financial burden caused by Covid-19.

We at Sectorlink implore you to stay safe during these times.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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