What Trends Can We See For 2020 In The Cloud?

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What Trends Can We See For 2020 In The Cloud?

 October 18th, 2019

Private Clouds

Large companies are going to begin to migrate their data to adopt their own cloud.  While there are a few reasons for this, the most critical reason is complete control over security due to the necessity of accessing files anywhere.  Also significant is the need to have secure back-ups and greater scalability.

Moving From Shared Web Hosting To Public Cloud

Trends that are happening even now include medium to small businesses and individuals relocating to the Cloud.  Some of the most important reasons are that your trusted hosting provider provides sophisticated security measures, scalability, 1-click install applications, mobility, and performance.  Another great feature is the combination of both Windows and Linux hosting with Cloud Web Hosting.

Increased Use Of Open Source Software

Open-source software (OSS) has seen an enormous increase.  To date, most trusted hosting providers and other online data centers, as well as even private cloud users have increased their use of open-source software.  From custom shopping carts, site building software, CMS, migration tools, testing and debugging tools, package management tools, and software engineering tools have seen increased use.  By 2020, most companies and individuals will be using some form of OSS.


Virtualization is on the rise and will see increased use in 2020.  A key Cloud feature is virtualization.  Virtualization allows for multiple operating systems to be run.  Virtualization allows for a more flexible and efficient allocation of resources.  Virtualization enhances development productivity and lowers the cost of IT infrastructure.  It promotes a more secure environment for remote access.  Virtualization allows for rapid scalability.  Virtualization has a much higher availability and disaster recovery rate.


In 2020, there will be an increased adaptation of the Cloud.  As companies' and individuals' online presence makes its move from shared web hosting, there will be an increased use of Private and Public Cloud structures.

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