3 Ways Digital Marketers Have Fine Tuned Their Strategies

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 August 31st, 2015

Digital marketing is highly measurable. Analytics software can track how many visitors a site gets, how long they stay there, where they go, where they came from, and so much more. As a result, digital marketers can fine-tune their campaigns in unbelievable ways.

Here are just a few of the fascinating ways metrics have allowed marketers to optimize their strategies.

Omitting a Subject Line Improves an Email Campaign's Results.

Believe it or not, leads are more likely to open emails if the digital marketing agency sending it omits the subject line of its email marketing campaign. A recent study showed that emails lacking subject lines were 8% more likely to be opened than those with a subject line because an email without a subject shows more email preview text. In other words, consumers can see more of the email's contents at a glance.

People Are More Likely to Do Business With a Company if the CEO Uses Social Media.

For some reason, 77% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if the CEO is on social media. What's most interesting about this fact, though, is that 36% of executives say their CEO either doesn't care, or care very little about the company's social media marketing strategy. In other words, more than one-third of CEOs could quickly improve their company's sales just by tweeting or going on Facebook.

Consumers Consult More Than 10 Reviews Before They Make a Purchase.

The web is a big place. Of the some 4.49 billion pages on the Internet, Google has only indexed about 200 Terabytes worth of data -- just 0.004% of the entire Internet. Yet, word still manages to get around the web. The average buyer consults about 10 consumer reviews before they make a purchase. In other words, reviews are authoritative, and brands should embrace them as another extension to their digital marketing strategy.

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