3 Reasons A Personalized Email Address Is Essential For Your Business

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3 Reasons a Personalized Email Address is Essential for Your Business

 February 3rd, 2022

Do you communicate with your clients and colleagues via email? If so, you're not alone. 86% of businesses use email as their main form of professional communication. Because of this, your email presence matters more than you think. A great way to appear more trustworthy is by using a personalized business email address.

What is a custom business email address? This email address links to your business website as opposed to a major email outlet (think Gmail and Yahoo). A personalized email address for business not only looks more professional but can benefit your branding.

Here are 3 reasons why a personalized email address for businesses is essential.

1. You're Probably Already Paying for Email Hosting

If you have a business website, there's a chance your money is going toward an email hosting provider already. Why is that? Most hosting companies offer a range of website packages, so your monthly payments go toward some pretty cool website features that better promote your business online.

A common feature you'll see is website email accounts. Even the most affordable website hosting options likely come with multiple branded email accounts, or at least one new email address for your business. Depending on the web host, you may be able to link these emails to the major email outlet you're already using, to ensure that all of your emails are in one place.

2. Major Outlet Emails Look Unprofessional

Sure, signing up for a business email on Gmail or Yahoo is easy and free. However, they often look unprofessional if you use these emails to communicate with potential clients, investors, shareholders, and anyone else you communicate with on a professional basis.

There are other reasons why these emails are unprofessional. The recipient has no idea who they're really talking to. Sure, you can create a generic businessname@gmail.com for a quick contact email. But who is the recipient talking to? Sales? Marketing? How many people are using that same email address?

Referring to the previous section, most hosting companies include multiple email addresses linked to your website. Take advantage of this feature and streamline your communication.

3. Better Control of Your Staff

Continuing on the previous section, multiple staff members will likely be using your email addresses. Using branded email linked to your website will give you better control.

A common mistake small businesses make is letting their staff members make their own email addresses and using that to communicate with clients and partners. However, what if that staff member leaves? They may still be holding onto vital and confidential business data.

Only use your company-branded emails for safety and control.

Get a Personalized Email Address for Your Business

The secret to getting a personalized email address is by signing up for great hosting. Even signing up for a Sectorlink Duo Plan gives you 200 email accounts included with your plan! We offer multiple hosting plans, including cloud hosting. Our plans include an easy-to-use website builder, free SSL certificates, and more.

Aren't sure what type of hosting you need? Feel free to contact us and we will navigate you through the complex world of small business web hosting.

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