4 WordPress Security Tips To Keep Your Website Safe

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4 WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Website Safe

 December 13th, 2021

37% of businesses use WordPress management systems for their websites. It's vital if you're using their website to produce your content that you have these need-to-know security tips in mind.

Knowing and understanding these tips will ensure that you keep your website secure at all times when it comes to WordPress security. 

Change Your Passwords

Changing your password often makes it challenging for a hacker to infiltrate the system and steal sensitive data. It's also best when considering passwords that you only allow for a specific number of password attempts before the system locks you out.

The reason for this is that if you're allowed to continue punching in different passwords, it's only a matter of time before a hacker finds the right combination of letters and numbers to access your website data.

Perform Routine Updates

We've all received notification that it's time to perform a website update. More times than you'd like to admit, you've ignored these updates thinking that it's harmless, but that's wrong.

When you don't take the time to update your website security, it leaves your system vulnerable to data breach attacks. Any issues or unresolved problems that you find with the WordPress system are corrected with each update.

Therefore, it's crucial when you receive the notification to take the time to update your data security to the latest version.

Backup the Website

It's essential to have copies of the data collected by your website in case an issue arises where data is lost. Before you think about backing up your system, you need to back it up to a secure cloud server location.

Several backup options are available to you when using the WordPress platform; just ensure you've got the right plugin installed to perform a routine backup.

Use the Firewalls

WordPress offers users of their platform the ability to install firewalls as an added means of information security. A firewall is a way to protect your computer and network from outside threats.

When you install a firewall, every time you attempt to make a connection, or something tries to connect with your website, the validity of the connection will be determined. If the connection is deemed invaluable, it will be blocked.

On the WordPress platform, installing a firewall can help protect you from several things, including:

  • Virus attacks
  • Data breach attacks by hackers
  • Malware

There are free and paid firewall solutions you can choose from.

Security Tips to Improve Data Protection

Several security tips can ensure the protection of your website data, and these are the top ones. It's essential to change your password to reduce the chances of being hacked and implement a firewall for your WordPress website.

Don't forget to backup your data to a secured cloud provider. If you haven't had any luck finding a provider that offers the security you need, contact Sectorlink.

Not only do we offer cloud servers, but we also offer a host of dedicated server hosting services.

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