5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is More Effective Than You'd Think

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 September 2nd, 2015

Don't think email marketing works well? Think again. Here are a few things you should know.

  • Email Marketing Is Like the Gift That Keeps on Giving. - When you launch an email marketing campaign, you're going to get some people who don't even bother opening, no matter how much time you put into crafting the digital media. However, top-performing email marketing campaigns earn one forward for every 21 emails opened, which means that depending on how many emails you send out, you're going to get people to do your marketing for you.
  • It's Better Than Social Media. - Believe it or not, you can acquire new leads through email much better than you can through social media. This form of marketing is nearly 40 times better than Facebook, and Twitter is at acquiring new customers.
  • Marketers Are Increasing Their Email Budgets. - One of the surest indicators that email is a great digital marketing strategy is the fact that marketers all over are investing more and more into it. In fact, one study found that 59% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets this year.
  • Personalization Helps Improve Click-Through Rates. - Some branded emails are better than others. If you thought that email wasn't that great of a marketing strategy, then chances are you may have been doing something wrong, such as not personalizing the content. It's been shown that personalized emails actually improve click-through rates by as much as 14% and conversion rates by another 10%.
  • Mobile Optimization Is Key. - If you're going to do an email campaign, you need to make sure your site is ready, and by that, it means you have to make sure your website is mobile optimized. Nearly half (40%) of all emails are opened on mobile devices nowadays. If your site isn't well suited for mobile devices, the leads aren't going to follow through, which basically defeats the entire purpose of having an email campaign in the first place.

Partner with a digital marketing agency today, and start converting new leads tomorrow with a smart email marketing campaign.

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