5 Top Website Design Trends Of 2017

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5 Top Website Design Trends of 2017

 January 23rd, 2017

Well designed websites are some of the best tools that companies have at drawing in new clients and piquing their interests. Without a compelling, navigable website, many Internet users might move on to find another service. Like any and all industries, web design trends come and go, but some features work well and stand the test of time too.

In 2016, many companies tried several new tools from the designer's toolbox, but the following really stood out. We predict that website design companies may start using these features more often this coming year.

Original Artwork

Whether it's illustration or photography, viewers want to see a bit of originality in a website, not generic stock images. Stock images are available to millions of companies worldwide, and companies are indeed using the exact same pictures as their competitors.

Using custom images that are better aligned with your work and personal brand gives a great personalized touch to your website. They can help convey your intended tone, as well as help, deliver a message.


Subtle animation, not over-the-top cartoon-like animation, is returning to the designer's list of favorites. Animation makes even the mundane website components feel a bit more fun and exciting. Think of your loading pages or the 404 notification. Animation helps put a positive spin on an otherwise negative experience.

Conversational Interfaces

You may have seen an increase in friendly chatboxes in the lower right corner of a website, and that's no coincidence. With our busy day to day routines, many people find it helpful to get immediate answers and support. Instead of searching for the page, you need to answer a question, simply ask the chatbox. This form of customer service is more streamlined and improves customer experience.

Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and convert 10% more customers than impersonal emails. Conversational interfaces are taking a page out of email marketers' playbook and incorporating more personality into the chatboxes.

Of course, language is very nuanced, so creating conversational interfaces that offer help without appearing standoffish or distant, while also incorporating personality, will be a highly coveted skill among website design companies.

Long Scroll Pages

This has been trending for quite some time and has proved to be a useful tool. While in the beginning, long scrolling was awkward for layout and SEO, our mobile and touchpad devices make long scroll more natural and enjoyable.

This type of web interface works exceptionally well with narrative approaches. If your business has a story, it's best to show using a streamlined design. Long scrolling could lead the consumer on a path of discovery that they otherwise wouldn't have gone on if your site had a tab-only navigation.

Just be sure to use captivating images if you decide to go with this approach.

Virtual Reality

The virtual reality trend has only just begun. We may not see a high volume of sites using virtual reality, but this could be just the beginning.

In practice, virtual reality is a great way to give tours of hotels and resorts, to view and handle a product before purchasing, or even experience a small taste of a service before you commit to it. The possibilities are endless, and website design companies have a lot of ideas as to how virtual reality can be incorporated on websites.

If your website needs a facelift, get in touch with the web design team at Sectorlink and get ready to revamp your site for 2017 and beyond.

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