AlmaLinux: CentOS Alternative For Managed Servers

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AlmaLinux: CentOS Alternative for Managed Servers

 December 19th, 2023

In the world of server operating systems, CentOS has long been a revered name, synonymous with stability and reliability. However, its sudden discontinuation left a significant gap in the server market. This is where AlmaLinux enters the picture, emerging as a promising and powerful alternative for managed dedicated servers.

Background on CentOS

CentOS, a derivative of the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), was widely acclaimed for its robust performance and enterprise-level security. It was the go-to choice for businesses requiring a stable and long-term solution for their servers. The decision to discontinue CentOS in favor of CentOS Stream, a rolling release, left many enterprises scrambling for a dependable replacement.

Introduction to AlmaLinux

AlmaLinux was developed by CloudLinux in response to the CentOS discontinuation. Designed to be a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL, AlmaLinux offers an almost seamless transition for CentOS users. It stands out with its commitment to free, open-source software and community-driven development, ensuring a stable and secure environment for server operations.

Comparative Analysis: AlmaLinux vs. CentOS

While AlmaLinux mirrors much of CentOS’s core functionality, it brings additional benefits. The most notable is its ongoing commitment to regular and stable releases, ensuring a predictable and dependable server environment. Moreover, AlmaLinux promises long-term support, crucial for businesses prioritizing continuity and reliability.

AlmaLinux in Managed Dedicated Servers

For managed dedicated servers, the choice of operating system is critical. AlmaLinux's robust architecture and compatibility with CentOS make it an ideal choice for managed environments. It ensures minimal disruption in the transition and allows businesses to leverage the latest software innovations without sacrificing stability.

Community and Support

AlmaLinux boasts a vibrant community and ecosystem, with support from CloudLinux and other major players in the tech industry. This ensures a wide range of support options, from community forums to professional services, offering peace of mind to businesses relying on managed dedicated servers.

Future Outlook

AlmaLinux is poised for growth, with a clear roadmap and a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of businesses. As more organizations transition to AlmaLinux, it's expected to gain further features and integrations, cementing its position as a leading server OS.


AlmaLinux emerges as a robust and viable alternative to CentOS, particularly for managed dedicated servers. Its compatibility, community support, and commitment to stability make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable server solution.

For businesses looking to transition to AlmaLinux, Managed Dedicated Servers offer an optimal solution. Sectorlink's expertise in managed services, combined with the reliability of AlmaLinux, ensures your servers are not just running, but optimized for performance, security, and reliability. Explore Sectorlink's Managed Dedicated Servers today and take the first step towards a seamless, efficient, and secure server environment in the post-CentOS era.

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