As Your Business Scales, So Should Your Website

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As Your Business Scales, So Should Your Website

 April 3rd, 2020

Business growth is what every entrepreneur looks forward to.  Growth means more customers, products, sales, and more ways to potentially reach out to other areas of the world.  So as your business grows, your website should be prepared to grow along with it.  Here are a few tips to be ready.

Predicting And Planning Your Growth

As a business owner, you should always be thinking ahead.  This means you need to anticipate your growth by knowing what you are doing, where you are going, and where you will be headed into the future.  Once you strategize this, you can then predict where your growth may start, how you need to expand your operations and also, how to prepare your website for its inevitable busy state.

Planning Your Website Growth

Before you can even plan to expand your website, you need to know who is going to develop it and, most importantly, who is going to maintain it.  Whether you hire a developer, hire in-house staff, or even build your site on your own, you should either discuss with your developer or decide on your own, how you plan your website to grow, and what would be the best way to develop your site so that growth means as little downtime as possible.

The number one killer of your site being offline is going to be website traffic.  If unexpected traffic occurs, your site will literally slow to a crawl.  This is more than likely not the cause of lack of bandwidth, but rather, due to your website’s resources being overwhelmed.  So you need to take the necessary steps to ensure when its time to grow.

When your shared hosting account is starting to see performance issues, you need to host the site with something more robust in mind.  Do you move into a VPS or CloudPod, or is it time to move into a dedicated server?  If you have not done your due diligence to research this issue until the very last moment, you could be caught off guard.  So be sure to do this research.  You may find that your growth allows you to move into a dedicated server option right away instead of moving into a VPS/CloudPod.  Carefully plan your move step by step before you start your move.  Once your plan is in place, you should be ready to move smoothly into your next hosting environment. 

Lastly, Do not forget the most important thing to bring to your strategy meeting; your trusted hosting provider.  Remember that your trusted hosting provider has the knowledge and expertise to also help guide you into the next step of your growth.


Planning your website growth before it is needed is essential so that you are not caught off guard.  You can ill afford your site to experience performance issues due to your growth.  This could lead to loss of customers and revenue.

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