Building Your Website? 3 Big Decisions You Need To Make

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 August 3rd, 2016

From aesthetic appeal to functionality, a web designer has a lot to consider when creating an eye-catching and user friendly platform. Indeed, web engineers, developers and designers often work together in web design companies to come up with a comprehensive product for their customers.

Website design companies are at the forefront of the entire web, because it's up to them to craft the way a typical user actually experiences the internet. Often, online trends are the result of the design choices these professionals make.

But while the best web designers have the creative agency to design totally unique online experiences, there are some structural fundamentals upon which these choices lie. If you're new to the web design process, then keep reading to discover some of the most important choices website design companies can help their clients make:


Choosing a domain name is very important, and has a big effect on how memorable your company is to your clients. It should also reflect your brand voice (and be hard to misspell). Some good keyword placement never hurt either -- the domain name for any particular site determines in large part its identity, searchability, and accessibility.


Your hosting package will determine the backbone of your site, so it is important to first consider the nature of your website and business. If it is media-rich, with many videos, GIFs, and pictures, it will need a different package than a site that has primarily text. It is also important to anticipate site traffic, security, back-ups and the other features you need. Cloud hosting is also gaining in popularity. Already, 87% of companies are currently operating in the cloud, and 82% reported saving money by doing so.

Backend Design

Some of the best website design companies now offer full-stack web development services, and you should definitely be taking backend services seriously. Backend services include CMS (Content Management Systems) and other services that let you manage your website. A great website needs a great program to take care of its infrastructure. There are many great free platforms, and more specialized ones available for a fee.

There are about 4.49 billion pages on the web today, all with unique pages and techniques for grabbing the attention of their users. Ask your web designer how they will help your site stand out and gain footing in the world wide web.

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