Cloud Scalability | What It Can Do For Your Online Presence

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Cloud Scalability | What it can do for your online presence

 September 11th, 2019

Before the Cloud, if you needed extra server space, more ram, more processing power, etc., you had very little choice in paying labor and higher pricing for server upgrades.  Most importantly, depending upon your upgrade, your online presence may have had to go offline during the upgrade process.  No more!  Gone are the days when your online presence was offline for more than an hour while your server undergoes hardware upgrades.  Not to mention, all those maintenance fees that went along with servicing your server are now gone.  Everything is much better with the Cloud.


You see this term everywhere online when it comes to looking for establishing or moving your online presence with/to the Cloud.  But what does it mean and more importantly, how can it help your online presence?

Benefits Of Scalability

The biggest benefit to scalability on the Cloud is that you can scale your Cloud environment on demand.  This means, if you need more resources or perhaps less, you can increase or decrease your resource requirements on demand with no down time.  This means you can modify your storage, your processing power, your workload, processing power and memory.


Another important benefit is cost.  With scalability, you no longer have to worry about paying more for maintenance, hardware upgrades or software upgrades.  The Cloud is set up so that you can change your resource requirements without having any of these fees tacked on.  As such, you remove the physical size of your server environment.  Why is this important?  Because your Cloud presence scales with your business.  When you start off small, you do not have the financial resources to pay for all of these extra fees that come along with a single server.  As your business grows and you require more resources for your online presence, you pay for only that which you need, nothing more.


The Cloud’s scalability is able to meet your business’s financial demands according to your resource requirements.  You no longer have to pay for hardware/software upgrades or maintenance.  You no longer have to go offline for a period off time for these upgrades.  You simply just move to the Cloud and scale your resources on demand.  You should take a look at what Sectorlink can do for you today to improve your business’s online presence by moving to the Cloud today.

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