Colocation Services: Your Guide To The Top Data Center Solution

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Colocation Services: Your Guide to the Top Data Center Solution

 January 18th, 2022


For a modern business, data is everything

Is your data protected? The way you store your data can make or break your business.

If you can't afford to build your own data center or don't want to, there is another option. Colocation services take the guesswork out of protecting your data. 

Keep reading to learn more about colocation services and how data center colocation is the best data center solution for your business. 

What is Colocation?

Data center colocation involves renting space for your IT equipment including servers, routers, and more. Instead of hosting your own in-house data center, some or all of your IT networking equipment will be stored in a third-party location.

You will still set up your IT network and maintain control over your equipment, but the colocation services company will handle certain aspects including providing power, connectivity, and security. 

Data center colocation allows multiple businesses to share IT space and the costs of running an IT network, lowering the cost for each individual business. 

Benefits of Colocation Services

Running an in-house data center is a huge investment that not every business is ready to make. For businesses that are growing or need to scale their IT infrastructure, colocation services allow flexibility without major financial commitment.

Data center colocation cuts out the cost of creating and running your own data center. You only pay for the services you need.

When you use colocation services, you get an extra layer of protection against downtime and data loss. Because your data is stored across multiple locations, if one goes down, you have a backup. This kind of disaster recovery protection can save your business from the cost of downtime.

Your data and IT equipment will also be better protected from physical vulnerabilities than they would be in a typical office environment on your premises. Server colocation facilities are designed to secure your data. 

Colocation Pricing

As a savvy business owner, you likely want to know how colocation services will affect your bottom line. The good news is that not only will colocation services fit into your budget, but using a server colocation service could actually save you money.

The cost of colocation services ultimately depends on which company you rent server space from and how much space you need. You will pay more for private space than shared space.

The best part is that the cost of colocation services, in general, is trending downward. This is because more businesses are investing in colocation services and more companies are entering the market to meet that demand. There's never been a better time to start using colocation services as a business. 

Want to Learn More About How Your Business Can Benefit From Colocation Services?

IT infrastructure is a critical part of the success of any business. If you want the best for your business, you need a reliable IT network. We can help your business grow and expand with our colocation services.

We will protect your data as if it were our own. 

Click here to learn more about our colocation services pricing to find a plan that fits your needs. 

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