Creating A Website? Here Are 10 Simple Rules To Follow

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Creating a Website? Here are 10 Simple Rules to Follow

 January 27th, 2017

Currently, there are about 4.49 billion websites on the Internet. Some are fantastic examples of digital marketing, while others won't even load on your smartphone.

When it comes to websites, one thing is for sure: Google is king. Millions of websites use SEO to rank on the search engine giant's top search queries, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to ensure you have a great web design. Follow these simple rules if you are creating a website to ensure success within Google's algorithms.

1. Keep the plug-ins at bay. Your website should load as quickly as possible -- preferably under three seconds -- and plug-ins that require a lot of memory are one of the biggest culprits behind a slow loading time.

2. Invest in a good web host server. You always want to have a backup in case your website is compromised, and your secure information becomes vulnerable.

3. Set up email marketing techniques from day one. You will want to give your clients an option to sign up for emails as a way to learn more about your business and become in the know with exclusive offers.

4. Link your website to your social media accounts. Everyone loves to be connected, and the more you can promote yourself, the better!

5. Have a good web design with easy to read fonts, muted colors, easily accessible contact information, and not too many pictures. When not formatted correctly, images can overwhelm a page and cause skewed text.

6. Create a consistent content marketing plan. Choose to post on your blog every week, every month, twice a week... and stick to it. This is crucial in developing a regular follower base and getting more visits to your website.

7. Always respond to different comments and questions on your website. Being responsive will go a long way in the eyes of your customers.

8. Look at your competitor's blog, and see if there is anything you can improve or make better on yours.

9. Build a plan for your website. Where do you see your site being in three, six months, even a year? Have a plan so your website can work for you!

10. Always go with a .com server if you can. These are the most recognized by Google. Also, try to keep dashes out of your title to make it come up easier in customer searches.

A good website starts with a fantastic web design. If you are looking to create a website or update one you already have, contact our professionals today.

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