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 May 6th, 2015

If you don't think your website needs help, think again. There are about 4.49 billion webpages on the Internet to date. To help put this in context, Google, which has a search engine market share of about 68%, has only indexed about 0.004% of the web.

Although the overwhelming majority of these pages are not in direct competition with your site, there's still an unimaginable amount of web pages challenging yours for the top-ranked search engine rankings. Here are a few search engine optimization tips to help you compete.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

One of the most straightforward search engine optimization tips around is to hire a digital marketing agency. These are the pros who help companies like yours get more relevant web traffic day in and day out, and understand the intricate details of the internet. They can tune up your website so that it ranks better in utilizing on-and-off page optimization strategies. They might recommend and offer goal centric PPC services, which can immediately drive relevant web traffic. They can also help you create a social media marketing strategy to begin engaging with your audiences. That being said, it's not one of the only search engine optimization tips you need. There's a lot to consider when selecting a Digital Marketing Agency.

Start a Blog For Your Site

If you’re looking to go it alone, then starting a blog for your site is a great start, it's also one of the best search engine optimization tips most will offer. Companies who blog receive 434% more indexed pages on average, which means that there's a better chance of your site ranking well on a broader range of search terms and that you'll get more web traffic. What's more, businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than those that don't. Keep in mind, make sure you keep up the pace; the search engines love fresh, dynamic content.

Invest in Better Website Hosting Services

Even changing website hosting services can help you get a better search engine ranking. Though it might be one of the most unconventional search engine optimization tips, it works. You see, web servers are similar to apartment buildings. The better the reputation of your neighbors, the better the block. This is the same with web hosting and SEO. The better the other sites are on your site's server, the better it'll rank. If you're not ranking well, it may be because your site is on a server with some less than savory websites.

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