Guide For Business Owners: 5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

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 April 20th, 2017

Are you not gaining followers on your social media accounts? This could point to mistakes in your social media management. Social sharing is a great way to boost your content marketing. Since content marketing can bring you three times as many leads as more traditional outbound marketing techniques, while costing 62% less, you can only benefit from more people seeing your content. If you want to boost your digital marketing strategy and overall search engine optimization, make sure you are not making the following mistakes.

You're posting off-brand content

Your social pages should include content specific to your industry. By being consistent, you will quickly show visitors what you are all about. You also want users to share content related to your business instead of random, trendy links.

Your multimedia is generic

High-quality photos, graphics, videos, and infographics are essential to a professional presence. If you can afford it, hire an in-house media team to produce this multimedia, as you want to keep that on-brand as well.

You're missing calls to action

The best social media accounts foster a sense of community through direct calls to action. Encourage your followers to post using a branded hashtag, for example. This is a great way to engage users while making your brand more memorable.

You're not interacting with followers

If you are ignoring user tags and comments, you are putting up a wall between your business and your followers. Social media is all about connection, so utilize it.

Your social buttons are missing from your website

Placing social media buttons in a visible place on your website is one of the golden rules of web design. Even if good search engine optimization is leading users to your site, it won't serve you fully if your users aren't continuing to your social media accounts. Complete the user experience.

By fixing these common social media mistakes, you are putting your business one step closer toward potential customers and clients. You will see your follower count boost in no time. Be sure to be keeping up with social media best practices, as the industry is continuously changing.

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