How Often Should You Post New Content?

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How Often Should You Post New Content?

 November 8th, 2019

There have been several studies and discussions as to the amount of updates or posts that you should do on your website. Whether you are posting a blog, or updating pages or even posting links to social media platforms, here is a small guideline that should help


Blogging is going to depend on what type of blog you have.  If you are a social blogger (i.e., blogging about your social media activities), you should post at least 1-2 times weekly.  Share your blog on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you are using your blog to generate sales or service or you are a part of advertising and affiliate marketing, you would want to post at least 3-4 times per week.  Write blogs that target your audience, and you will want to do this often to have better SEO performance.

Consistency with regards to scheduling your blog release is also essential.  If your blogs are current and informative and people like what you write, they will keep coming back.  Your SEO will rise, but the most important thing is that if your readers like what you do, they will bookmark you and keep coming back for more.

Posting Social Media Content

The quick answer is to post often and post consistently.  You should post using the same schedule every day.

The lengthy answer is that there have been recent studies done that show that the optimal posting in social media varies per social media platform.  In other words, the optimal postings for Facebook will differ from Twitter, which, in turn, will be different from Instagram.


Studies show that posting once per day on Facebook is optimal, and no more than two posts per day. 

However, if your pages have less than ten thousand fans, it can experience a 50% drop in engagement per post if posting more than once daily.  Also, Facebook posts should be done at least 2-3 times per week.

When it comes to determining the time you should post will depend much on the times your audience is online.  Always check your Facebook Insights.  This page provides information about your page’s performance.  You can use Insights to understand how people are engaging with your page.  For more information regarding Facebook Insights, visit


Twitter is a bit of a “strange beast” when it comes to posts.  There are so many different answers, and they are, quite frankly, all over the place when it comes to how often you should post for optimal viewing.  How wild?  Anywhere from a single post to less than 60.  Yet, the most popular Twitter accounts are posting more than 100 times daily.  The most popular account is Katy Perry, with more than 109 million followers.  The safe bet would be to keep a consistent schedule of posts.  If you have the time to tweet often, then do so.


If you post using Pinterest, post at least three times daily, but no more than 30 as there is no real benefit after 30.


Post at least once daily and no more than three times daily.


Post at least twice a week and no more than once each business day.  Also, post in the morning.


Consistency is key.  According to, there are five tips on how you can make and keep a schedule for youtube posts.  See:

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