How To Use A Template On WordPress: Step-By-Step Guide

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How To Use A Template On WordPress: Step-By-Step Guide

 August 18th, 2022

What if you could make your WordPress site look better at the click of a button?

WordPress provides very convenient templates that can give your page an instant facelift. Unfortunately, many users don't know how to get started with these templates.

Wondering how to use a template on WordPress? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Find a Template Theme

If you're wondering how to use a template on WordPress, you start by logging into your WP admin area. Click on Appearances and then Themes. Now, click the Add New button.

This lets you browse each available WordPress template. You can initially browse through popular templates, newest templates, or favorite templates. You can also "search themes" if you have more specific ideas of how you want your page to look.

With the Feature Filter, you can narrow results by layout, features, and subject matter. Once you have found the best WordPress template, it's time to install it.

Install and Activate the Theme

After you navigate the WordPress template recommendations and find your favorite, all you have to do is hover your cursor over the preview image. This will give you three options: Install, Preview, and Details & Preview.

To get started, just click the Install button. You will get a message saying that your WordPress template has been installed.

Before anyone else can see the template, though, you must hit the Activate button. If you want to see how it will look before doing so, all you have to do is click on the Live Preview button.

Configure Additional Settings

With some themes, installing and activating is all you have to do. However, you may have chosen a WordPress template that requires you to configure additional settings.

The template will walk you through any settings you need to review or configure. You may be asked to install an additional WordPress plugin (or more than one) for this template to work correctly.

Whether or not you are required to configure additional settings, you may wish to customize your chosen WordPress template further. To do so, simply click on Appearances and then Customize to get started.

How To Use a Template On WordPress: More Advanced Options

Our guide has focused on installing a free WordPress template on your WP-hosted server. However, if you get a separate host for your WordPress page, you will have additional theme options.

For example, you can buy and install other custom themes from other companies. Or, if you are both tech- and design-savvy, you can design and upload your template.

The vast majority of WP users have free accounts and use free templates. However, you'll need to find a good web host when you're ready to take things to the next level for your page.

Get the Best Web Host Today

Now you know how to use a template on WordPress. But do you know where to find a web host so you can explore all of your WordPress options?

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