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 March 29th, 2017

If you're trying to launch your business or you're in the process of developing your online presence and outreach, you're going to want to take search engine optimization (SEO) quite seriously. Any digital marketing consultant, social media marketing firm, and website design company is going to advocate for strong SEO for your website. There are around 4.5 billion web pages currently on the Internet, and that number increases every day. With so much content, how are consumers going to find your business and the services or goods you offer? The answer lies in search engine optimization and what tactics you're using to improve your search engine ranking. The higher your search engine ranking, the better your chances that you'll get increased traffic to your website, resulting in higher sales. Let's talk about how to achieve this smartly and efficiently. 

What's the Big Deal With SEO?

The better your search engine optimization, the higher your website will be on the results page of a search engine when someone searches for a keyword that matches your service or goods. Most people don't go past the first page or so of web results, so it can be crucial for your business to rank high.

Through email campaigns, increased social media outreach, and a better web design can all help increase your website traffic, SEO is a tried and true method that is guaranteed to improve your website's traffic and, therefore, your sales.

How Can I Improve My SEO? 

One great way to improve your SEO is to increase content. Content marketing has been shown to produce three times as many leads as regular outbound marketing, but costs over 60% less than the typical methods. Good quality content is the number one way to bump up your SEO ranking, but it should be updated frequently to keep it fresh, new, and relevant.

Start paying attention to your metadata, links, and tags, which can all help capture more of a search engine's attention when it's browsing through search results. This can be especially helpful for local search results, which are a huge source of Internet traffic and business.

Think about it: if you're in an unfamiliar town or city and want Italian food, you're going to get on your phone and do an Internet search to see what's available. The top restaurants that have a significant SEO presence are going to show up first, and you'll most likely end up going to one of them. Given that over 40% of online shoppers start with a search engine, this can be a great way to open up your business to more exposure.

What are Other Ways to Improve My Internet Presence?

Make sure that your website is mobile and tablet compatible. With smartphones increasingly driving web traffic, it's essential to make sure that consumers can browse your site and goods easily on their phones. Many people who can't access a website easily on their phone will simply give up and look elsewhere, which takes business away from you. Similarly, tablets are also becoming more popular. If your website is easily viewable and searchable on a variety of devices, customers will be more inclined to stick around and keep browsing.

Social media outreach is also essential -- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media networks can help spread word of mouth very quickly and are an excellent means of customer outreach. Giveaways, fun interactive content, and images can all easily be shared on these networks between a vast volume of people.

Consider retaining a digital marketing agency or search engine optimization experts to discuss what you can improve or what you need to start doing for the best results. You'll learn useful tips and tricks for moving forward and increasing clicks, interest, and, hopefully, sales!


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