Is Cloud Hosting And Server Colocation One In The Same?

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Is Cloud Hosting And Server Colocation One In The Same?

 December 16th, 2020

Server colocation is often confused with cloud hosting, but in reality, they're very different. Server colocation offers a great solution to the problem of secure hosting.

Yet, what is server colocation, and why could it be advantageous for your business? 

In this guide, we're going to take a non-technical look at server colocation and how you could benefit from it. Are you ready to learn more about this practice? Then read on!

What Is Server Colocation?

First off, we need to take a closer look at what server colocation actually is. It's the practice of putting your servers in a secure data center that another company operates. This means you keep your servers off-site and under tight security.

This is where it's often confused with cloud hosting, but there are a few key differences. When you use cloud servers, you don't own the servers. When you use server colocation, you own the servers and have the final say on what kind of hardware and software is used.

The part that you pay for is for the storage of these servers and power bills, etc. The only person that will have access to your server rack or cage will be you. It's locked and kept safe from other clients and intruders.

The only reason that the colocation center owners will access your server is if you specifically request assistance. 

What Are the Advantages of Server Colocation?

The biggest advantage of using server colocation services is that you never have to worry about physical security again. Your servers will be kept in a data center security with industry-level physical security. Physical security is vital as part of your security strategy, and if you keep your servers in a colocation center, they will be much safer than if they are in a cupboard at your office.

Keeping your servers off-site also gives your continuity a massive boost. Let's say that there's a natural disaster near your company's offices: maybe a flood, maybe a hurricane, or a wildfire. Whatever it is, power lines and the like could be destroyed, which would knock your website offline.

Every second that your website is offline, you're losing business. When Amazon was down for 63 minutes in 2018, it lost an estimated $100 million in sales. Regardless of your business' size, keeping downtime to a minimum is vital, and a colocation service can help you avoid outages even during tumultuous times.

Server colocation is a scaleable solution too. If, as your company grows, you need more space for your servers, more storage, and multiple servers running for different parts of your site, you can do that. You don't need to find room in your office: it's as easy as contacting your colocation provider.

How We Can Help You

When you began this article, the key question was, "what is server colocation?" 

We hope that you feel a lot more informed now. If you'd like to invest in server colocation for your company, take a look around our site for more information and get in contact with us!

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