Just How Affordable Is The Cloud Really?

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 March 5th, 2015

The benefits of cloud servers are myriad. Just for starters, they're reliable, flexible, and scalable. Cloud hosting services use multiple servers to host websites so that if one server goes down, all the sites and digital resources will still be available. This also allows companies to quickly and easily purchase additional resources to compensate for an influx of web traffic, or offload services to pay for lower web traffic.

But the bottom line for most companies' decision-makers isn't how excellent a service is, but how much the service costs. Luckily, cloud hosting servers are -- in the majority of cases -- more affordable than the other web page hosting solutions. Here's how.

No Need For On-Site Data Centers

If a company uses a cloud hosting solution, it no longer needs to run an on-site data center. This means that it doesn't need to purchase expensive servers and equipment. If it already has a data center, the company can repurpose the equipment for other functions, or sell it off. Consequentially, this reduces companies' energy consumption. Data centers eat up massive amounts of power and require a ton of cooling, which also consumes copious amounts of energy.

Allow IT Departments to Use Time More Efficiently

Cloud hosting services also let IT departments use their time more efficiently. Because they no longer have to worry about maintaining data centers, troubleshooting silly problems, or making sure that the servers are up and running, IT departments can work on more profitable projects. In fact, Forbes recently reported that companies who adopted cloud hosting strategies saw a 25% reduction in their IT costs.

Purchase Services on an As-Needed Basis

As previously mentioned, cloud hosting is scalable, which means companies need only purchase as much service as they need. If they see their websites are getting an influx of traffic, they can buy more resources to support it, and if their digital presence isn't doing quite as well, they need only to scale back a bit and pay for just what they need.

Cloud hosting is a cost-efficient solution to web hosting. It allows companies to get rid of their energy-consuming data centers, use their IT departments more effectively, and purchase just the resources they need.

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