A Free Learning Management System To Support Online Education

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A free learning management system to support online education

 July 29th, 2020

What is Chamilo And Why You Should Be Using It?

Chamilo LMS is a learning management system designed to support online education (e-learning).  It is free software, developed through a collaboration of various companies, organizations, and individuals.  While its model is based on open-source, it has stricter ethical values.  In addition to having been developed collaboratively by dozens of people across the world, Chamilo is also supported by The Chamilo Association, which is a non-profit organization whose principal objective is to support the platform and ensure its continuity.  Such guarantees of continuing open access make Chamilo LMS unique as an e-learning system.

Your trusted hosting provider should be able to provide Chamilo as a 1-click install application.

A teacher using Chamilo can access a series of useful tools allowing them to quickly and efficiently create a productive learning environment. On creating/editing a course, he (or she) can:

  • import or create documents (audio, video, images) and publish them,
  • build tests and exams with automated scores and feedback as required,
  • build or import (SCORM and AICC) compliant courses,
  • set and receive virtual assignments,
  • describe the components of the course through description sections,
  • communicate through forums or chat,
  • publish announcements,
  • add links,
  • create workgroups or laboratory groups,
  • set up a virtual classroom (through the video conference extension),
  • manage scores through the assessments tool,
  • create surveys,
  • add a wiki to create documents collaboratively,
  • use a glossary,
  • use an agenda,
  • manage a project (through the blog tool),
  • enable tracking of learners in your courses,
  • register attendances,
  • elaborate a class diary (course progress).

The Chamilo platform is exceptionally flexible. All its tools can be customized according to the needs of each course. It provides a friendly and intuitive user interface that requires no specialized prior technical knowledge or skills.


If you are considering running an online education (e-learning) site, then Chamilo is the right choice to get your e-learning website up and running.

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