PPC Or SEO: Which Is Best For Your Company?

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 October 17th, 2016

Both pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) are incredibly effective ways to generate new leads online. In either case, the end goal is the same: Digital marketing consultants work to get your website onto page one of key Google search results.

But how do you know which methods to choose?

Top Candidates for PPC Advertising

Many pay-per-click ads can be purchased for just $1.00 per click, and even the most expensive PPC ads usually cost less than $150. If every sale or contract that you provide brings in thousands of dollars, then pay-per-click services can produce really high returns on your investment. For instance, a luxury home renovation company with an average contract of $10,000 would be able to generate huge profits off a $10 PPC ad.

Likewise, if you sell a product or service that people often purchase online, then PPC advertising might be the perfect digital marketing strategy for you. PPC advertisements only cost a few dollars, but they guarantee that your content is seen on the first page of search results under the sponsored content section.

However, for lower-value products, PPC may end up costing more than it's really worth.

Top Candidates for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, can provide more organic clicks to your content in the long run. Not only that, but users tend to trust organic search results more than sponsored advertisements.

Just remember that SEO requires patience. With more than 4.49 billion webpages available online today, there is undoubtedly a high value in being on the front page of Google (that's why the PPC industry is worth billions of dollars). However, PPC often seems forced, as these ads are labeled "sponsored content." For companies that offer a variety of services, SEO is often a more valuable option, too.

In many cases, particularly for larger companies, a combination of SEO and PPC is sometimes the wisest strategy.

If you are unsure which search marketing services would be most useful to you, contact a digital marketing agency. Sectorlink is a Michigan digital marketing company that can help you evaluate the best options to draw traffic and leads to your site, as well as provide a variety of other services, including email and social media marketing.

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