Server Colocation Near Me: Colocation Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

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Server Colocation Near Me: Colocation vs Dedicated Server Hosting

 September 6th, 2022

More than 23 percent of small businesses outsource to increase efficiency in their operations. As your business expands, it will begin to outgrow cloud-based hosting services.

You may consider alternative server hosting models. That's where server colocation comes into the picture. 

Are you searching for a server colocation near me? Here's more information to help you understand the difference between colocation and dedicated server hosting.

What is Server Colocation?

This hosting model allows your company to rent rack space in a data center. You use the data center's existing infrastructure and personnel to save money. You can ship your current server or network of servers to them and they will take care of them for you.

Your energy costs are lower as your data center takes care of redundant power system costs. Your internet connection expenses will also be reduced as they have the advantage of volume discounts.

Server colocation gives you complete control over your entire system. That includes the operating system, as well as your choice of applications and the system configuration. 

Colocation is a great solution when a company is looking for ways to reduce its IT management costs without the stress of setting up a system on a new server. All you need to do is rent a rack in a colocation center and send them your existing server.

How To Choose A Server Colocation?

A good server colocation guide will point out that the colocation center acts as a business partner. It's essential to do your research to see if they are a reliable one. Their facility should be in a geographic location that is politically stable.

Check reviews to ensure they have a good reputation. Their facilities should be resilient and offer protection from any environmental impacts. You'll be entrusting them with your physical hardware, which is a valuable business asset.

Look for colocation services that offer full-time support. You also need strong security to safeguard your data at their facility. You'll want to find a company that guarantees 24/7 onsite staff. 

Their facilities should have a backup power generation system to keep your servers online even when the lights go out.

Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting

When you have a dedicated server, you're renting an existing server that is maintained by a third-party provider. They will pre-install the operating system. Your team will take care of other software applications. 

You're renting the hardware and the cooling systems, power, and connectivity to the network. That can save your business quite a bit of money which is partly offset by the cost of the dedicated server hosting. When you evaluate the opportunity cost of your investment, you'll see the value of the cost savings.

Dedicated server hosting is a cost-effective way to gain more control over your hosting hardware. The cloud allows other customers to run software on the same hardware as you do. A dedicated server is available to your business alone.

Find Reliable Server Colocation Near Me

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