Small Business Cloud Hosting: 4 Tips For Migrating To A Cloud Server

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Small Business Cloud Hosting: 4 Tips for Migrating to a Cloud Server

 April 27th, 2021

We live in a truly digital world now, don't we? Our cellphones may be tangible, but their data often lives in the cloud. The same goes for a lot of the online work we do. 

But, when it comes to business cloud hosting, this is no small affair. You have to make sure all your applications and data make it in one move. And you have to make sure there are zero security gaps. 

Below, we outline four tips that will help you ease your migration into a smooth, secure, and successful affair. Let's get right to it. 

What Is Cloud Migration? 

Cloud migration occurs when a company takes its applications, data, and workloads to a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere. This can be done from an on-premise server to a cloud-based server, or from one cloud-based server to another. 

Linux hosting and Windows hosting are two prominent contenders in a virtual sea full of small business cloud hosting options. 

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Individuals and companies will experience, at minimum, two cloud hosting benefits. First, when secure, it protects important data from disappearing should an on-premise server ever get destroyed. 

Second, it makes it easier to scale up. There's no need to purchase new servers or equipment. Rather, people can quickly and easily purchase more storage. 

Tips for Cloud Migration

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter. The following tips will serve you well when you're gearing up for moving day. 

1. Develop a Team

We like to look at cloud migration a little bit differently than day-to-day tech tasks. We believe this sort of project should report to engineering. 

System admins, storage admins, network engineers, and developers are required because they will be the most adequate at building and integrating the infrastructure that will support your software development. 

2. Study the Inner Workings

By this, we mean study the inner workings of all your data. It would be a disaster if you found out (mid-migration) that you can't move all your applications and data to one server. 

Unfortunately, it's easy to cripple your cloud program if you haven't fully analyzed and mapped your data volume between application dependencies. 

That's why many companies hire outside cloud experts who will use automation and other tools to make the process smooth as silk. 

3. Adopt Subscription-Based Models

This points to future storage needs. If you adopt a subscription-based pricing plan, then you will be able to scale as you go. Surely, as your business grows, so will your files. 

This type of structure allows you to grow at your own pace and never fret about a lack of capacity. 

4. Conduct a Security Gap Assessment

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) works hard to keep people informed about secure cloud computing. Use their standard to perform a security gap assessment and examine your control objectives. 

Document any known gaps. This will allow you to tailor your security reference architecture and make the required adjustments as you go.

Business Cloud Hosting Done Right

With these business cloud hosting tips in mind, we believe you'll be well-positioned to successfully transition. It's important to take some time to develop the right team and study the inner workings of your network before you do anything else.

When in doubt, hire an outside team that will ensure a safe migration, free from security gaps. 

Here at Sectorlink, we work hard to earn our customers' trust with commitment and dedication. Cloud web hosting is designed for serious web business, yet our approach provides plenty of flexibility. 

We offer both Linux and Windows hosting, eliminating the need for separate hosting accounts. This innovative approach has served our clients very well. 

Allow our innovation to serve you well, too, when it comes to web hosting. We'll provide you with the speed, reliability, scalability, and support you need 24/7.

With us, you can consider your data well-protected and your web speeds lightning-fast. We look forward to hosting you!

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