Why You Need To Be On Facebook, Twitter, And The Like

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Why You Need to Be on Facebook, Twitter, and the Like

 October 2nd, 2015

Search engine optimization is one of the best digital marketing strategies out there, but there's one other thing you can't neglect to do: social media management. Without a strong social media marketing strategy in place, your business isn't going to be able to engage consumers and spread brand awareness. You might not think that social media is all that important but think again.

Here are just a few digital marketing statistics you need to see.

There's a Huge Audience Out There

Although your mother might have told you not to do something just because it's what everyone else was doing, you should get on social media for the exact opposite reason -- because it's what everyone is doing. Believe it or not, more than 70% of online U.S. adults have some form of social media networking, and 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media. If you want to reach a vast audience, get on social media.

Social Media as a Search Medium

Social media and search engines are two different things, but often, social networks overlap with search engines. Don't believe it? The second-largest search engine after Google is YouTube, a video social network. It's even more significant than Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL put together. Because 44% of online shoppers begin looking for things with a search engine, and that 50% of all mobile searches are done in the hopes of finding a result -- with 61% of those searches resulting in a purchase -- it's essential that you have a social media presence.

Social Media Works

Sure, social media can help you get leads, but are they valuable leads? Do they convert into sales? The short answer: yes. The long answer: more than half (52%) of marketers have gained a customer via Facebook, and more than one-third (35%) have gained a customer over Twitter.

The point here is simple: get on social media. Better yet, let the digital marketing professionals help you get on social media and start reaching a vast audience. 

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