The 3 Best WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

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The 3 Best WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

 February 10th, 2022

Did you know that Japan recently set the world record for the fastest internet ever clocked? In fact, it's almost 8 million times faster than the average internet connection.

If you've made a WordPress website, you might be wondering how you can get it to load faster on people's computers and smartphones. You'll be glad to know that there are actual plugins you can use for that. 

Are you wondering which ones are worth your time? Keep reading to learn all about the 3 best WordPress plugins to speed up your website.

1. WP Rocket

If you want to increase your website speed, then you're sure to love what the WP Rocket plugin can do for you. It's no secret that some WordPress plugins are more complicated than others, but WP Rocket is perfect for beginners.

Anyone unfamiliar with coding, caching, and all that other mumbo jumbo can still boost the performance of their site with WP Rocket. Using this app, it's possible to cache your entire website with one click. From preloading to gzip compression, this plugin has it all.

2. WP Supercache

For a faster website, you can't go wrong with the free WP Supercache plugin.

It has everything you expect from a plugin of this kind, including CDN support, advance cache preload, page cache, and more. There's even support for more than one caching type, such as Legacy or PHP.

The settings section of their website makes it easy to set up and have optimized to your specifications. It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that this plug-in has millions of downloads.

3. Perfmatters

Simply put Perfmatters is one of the best speed plugins for WordPress. This plugin stands out from the crowd because it uses methods that other plugins don't often use.

Did you know that WordPress sometimes slows sites down by loading or running unnecessary technical stuff? The good news is that the creators of Perfmatters have taken matters into their own hands. This plugin is designed to turn off those unnecessary functions, which will increase your site's loading time.

This also includes HTTP requests that do nothing except slow down page processing. You can go into the settings of the plugin and make adjustments based on each page your site has. Don't forget about the other speed-boosting features, including preconnect, DNS prefetch, and others.

Are You Ready to Install the Best WordPress Plugins?

Now that you've learned all about the 3 best WordPress plugins to speed up your website, you can make sure that your visitors aren't waiting a long time. The quicker they can learn about your products and services, the better. It'll also allow them to complete orders faster.

If you want to get even quicker loading speeds and a bunch of other awesome perks, look no further than our services. We can provide you with your very own server so that you don't have to compete with the loading of other sites.

For more info, be sure to drop us a line.

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