Why You Should Protect Your Website With Imunify360

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Why You Should Protect Your Website With Imunify360

 October 7th, 2022

With a rise in malware, phishing, and other website hacking attempts, it's imperative that businesses take measures to protect their websites. If hackers breach your site, the effects can be devastating. They may be able to steal user information, send spam from your email addresses, and distribute malicious links from your website. All of these scenarios could hurt you in the long run. Even if you have a small business website, potential customers may not trust it after an attack. If you let your site remain unsecured for too long, hackers may find a way to break into it and expose your visitors to danger. To prevent this from happening and protect your business from cyber threats, consider using Imunify360. With this software, you can keep all content safe while protecting against malware and phishing attacks.  Sectorlink's shared web hosting and cloud web hosting have Imunify360 installed by default.

What is Imunify360?

Imunify360 is a website security solution that protects against malware and phishing attacks. It blocks harmful code from entering your site and scanning for vulnerabilities. It also protects against spoofing attacks like email impersonation. Imunify360 has a real-time malware scanner that checks incoming traffic and stops threats before they infect your website. It can also prevent malicious code from leaving your site and infecting other computers. This is important since malware can steal data, post spam, or spread viruses across the internet. Imunify360 also features an email scanner that stops spoofed emails from reaching your inbox. It identifies messages that are trying to impersonate your business. This can be done by changing the sender address or including a logo to make the message look like it's coming from your business. Imunify360 can identify these and prevent them from reaching your inbox. This is important because spoofed emails can trick your staff and prompt them to make bad decisions.

Why is Website Security Important?

Website security is vital to protecting data and keeping customers safe online. It helps defend against malware and phishing attacks, which are two of the biggest threats to online businesses. Malware is a type of software that propagates through computers and networks. It spreads quickly and can infect systems with a single click. If malware enters your website, it can cause identity theft, spam, and data corruption. Phishing is a form of online identity theft that uses spam emails to trick users into handing over sensitive information. Phishing scams often use fake websites to trick people into providing login credentials, credit card details, or other sensitive information. This can cause long-term damage to your brand reputation and make it harder for customers to trust your services. Both of these security threats could have a negative impact on your business. They could cost you customers, data, and time spent cleaning up the mess. They could also make it more difficult to add new customers since they may not trust your service after being attacked.

How Does Imunify Protect Against Malware and Phishing?

Imunify360 uses malware and phishing protection to secure your website. It uses real-time scanning to identify threats as they enter your site. It also uses web application firewall rules to stop malicious code from leaving your site and infecting other computers. Imunify360 features a URL scanner that checks every incoming link and prevents malicious websites from linking to your pages. This blocks malicious websites from loading on your pages and displaying harmful content to visitors. Imunify360 can also scan emails for malware. It can detect spoofed emails and prevent them from reaching your inbox. This is done by checking the sender's IP address and comparing it against your whitelist. Imunify360 also has a reputation check that identifies suspicious emails. This highlights links or attachments that may be harmful to your computer.

Benefits of Using Imunify 360 to Protect Your Website

All of these features come together to form a robust website security solution. They help you defend against threats like malware and phishing attacks. They also make it easier for your team to protect your site against future attacks. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from using Imunify360.

  • A real-time malware scanner
  • A URL scanner to check incoming links
  • A link sanitizer that cleans dangerous links
  • An email scanner that blocks spoofed emails
  • An email whitelisting feature
  • An automated website security audit

These features make it easier to stay secure and defend against cyber threats. They make it easier for your team to stay on top of website security. They can help you keep your site safe while growing your business online.


Website security is an essential part of running a business online. It protects against threats like malware and phishing attacks. With Imunify360, you can defend your website against these dangers. This software has a real-time malware scanner, URL scanner, and link sanitizer. It also scans emails for malware and has an email whitelisting feature. These features help you stay secure and keep your site safe from harm. With Imunify360, you can defend your business against cyber attacks and keep your site safe for visitors.

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