The Benefits Of Professional E-Mail Hosting

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The Benefits of Professional E-Mail Hosting

 December 13th, 2022

On average, statistics show people will send and receive 121 business emails daily. If you figure that for the year 2022, there are 260 working days, that will mean 121 business emails time 260 days would average 31,460 emails for the year.

That's a lot of business emails. When you are that busy communicating for work, you need professional e-mail hosting for a few very important reasons.

If you currently have a free email hosting service provider, you will want to switch right away, and here is why.

Professional Email Domain Means Trust

Gaining new customers is a big expenditure for your business. It is more cost-effective to keep a client than to attract and onboard new ones. This means that once you attract new customers, you want to keep them, and that means building a trusting relationship.

Professional email hosting services will incorporate your domain, which gives your brand identity. It also gives a sense of expertise and authority. If you use a Yahoo or Gmail account, you may appear to be less trustworthy and it will hurt the message you are sending because you seem like less of an expert.

A Business Email Gives You Better Security

A free email provider is, well, exactly how it sounds. They are free of charge. While you may feel that you are saving money, you are doing your business more of a disservice than you may realize, as you are more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

As a business, you want to ensure all your communications are safe from online threats. This means you need encryption for your email hosting. Encryption is how you can prevent outside parties from intercepting your emails, and this is how professional email hosting can help your business better than free providers can.

More Storage Space

The biggest challenge with free email hosting services is the storage space they offer. When you have an email account that is not personal, you are less likely to delete your emails. You will have more messages that you will want to keep.

Professional email hosting gives you more storage space. Not only that, but the architecture of professional email storage space is robust. You can take comfort in that your emails are not only safe but easy to access.

Automated Responses

There are going to be days you plan to be out of the office. Alternatively, maybe you want to let a customer know right away that you received their email while you research their inquiry.

No matter the reason, automated responses are a professional way that you can get back to someone right away when you cannot physically make the response immediately. It lets the person you are communicating with know that you care and will get back to them as soon as possible.

E-mail Hosting

A recognized name in professional e-mail hosting services, Sectorlink has been helping businesses like yours since 1996. They understand the benefits of professional email hosting. They also understand your need for security and storage.

Sectorlink gives their customers the personal attention they deserve, with support 24 hours per day, all year long. To learn more, contact Sectorlink today.

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