The Best Software To Schedule Social Media Posts

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The Best Software To Schedule Social Media Posts

 February 22nd, 2020

Whether its business or personal, posting to social media is crucial to maintain your online presence.  This means you need to continually post to maintain your connection to your customers or visitors to your website.  More importantly, each social network has its own peek time(s) to post.  With all these various times, it is nearly impossible to do it all the time.  This is why several software providers have come up with a solution to enable you to schedule your posts.  Here is an example of two, to consider.


Hootsuite has three pricing structures.  Click the link above to visit their site for more information.

Your content with Hootsuite can automatically be scheduled all at once and with multiple social media sites.  You can set up custom streams to organize content, filter threads by keyword, location, and hashtag, and capture more conversations with a wide selection of monitoring apps.   You will receive comprehensive and real-time reports on how social channels and campaigns are performing.  These are broken down by channels, paid, and own media, Hootsuite's analytics offer clear insights with no set up required.  Multiple social networks are managed in a single platform.  Powerful team features are managed securely and efficiently.

Hootsuite has 250 technology partners.  You can connect your existing technology and discover new tools, with over 250 apps available in Hootsuite's directory.


Loomly has five pricing structures to choose from.  They currently offer a 25% discount if you pay yearly instead of monthly.  You can click the link above to visit their site for more information.

All social media content is managed in a single platform.  You will be notified every time a team member posts updates or comments on every piece of content by email, push, and Slack notifications.  There is a list and calendar view, master calendar, post overview, and notifications.  You can schedule all of your content ahead of time, and Loomly will publish it.  Automated publishing is for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedln, and Google My Business.  Loomly also has automated pushing for Facebook and Instagram ads.

When it comes to trending topics, RSS feeds, social media practices, trends on Twitter, events such as holidays, or date-related celebrations, Loomly will help you with post ideas.  Loomly will help you with storing, organizing, and utilization of your photos, videos, notes, links, and posting templates (contained in a library).  Loomly will help guide you in creating posts and ads (post ideas, subjects and labels, optimizing tips, and post and ad review).  Loomly will automatically generate post and ad previews so that you and your team can view them before publishing.

Loomly helps you reach your targets with Facebook Preferred Audience & Audience Restrictions (organic posts),  post sponsoring (boosted posts), and Facebook & Instagram Ads (objective-driven campaigns).   Interactions is a simple community management system that will allow you to respond to the comments and reactions of your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There are quite a few more out there to consider.  Do your due diligence to research them all thoroughly.  Some examples are AgoraPulse, Buffer, CoSchedule, Crowdfire, Everypost, Promo Republic, Sendible, SocialOomph, Sprout Social, Tailwind, and TweetDeck.


Social Media scheduling can get very hectic.  Do yourself and your company a favor, research, and utilize a social media scheduler to make your life easier.  All of these have many features that will aid and help you discover new ways of creating social media posts.

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