The Sectorlink Cloud Hosting Difference

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The Sectorlink cloud hosting difference

 April 2nd, 2019

The Cloud Competition

Our competitors' Cloud hosting is designed for shared hosting.  While it acts similar to a VPS, it isolates each customer into a separate “lightweight virtualized environment,” which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections for each customer.  This ensures that customers cannot jeopardize the stability of the server, causing all sites to slow down or even come to a halt.  Our Cloud competitors also “jail” customers from one another to avoid security breaches.  This way, unstable scripts or malware are not able to sprawl across each of their customers’ sites, causing severe harm.  This may be good news; however there is still no site isolation.  This means that if one site within a customer’s account gets compromised, the malicious actor could use this to  “crawl” and compromise other websites within the same customer’s account.  Lastly, our Cloud competitors initially limit the amount of resources they allocate.  When you start having issues with the resources, and you need to upgrade, it starts to get costly.

Shared Web Hosting

With shared web hosting, your web content, databases, email, and DNS are all delegated by the same physical server.  All of this has the potential of affecting your website’s performance.  Often, servers are jam-packed with sites due to over-selling (packages sold are more significant than available server resources).  Also, there is no site isolation – only customer isolation.  Once again, this means that if a customer is hosting multiple websites, if a single website is hacked within that customer’s account, all sites under that customer are now potentially vulnerable.  Moreover, the single point of failure would be the server itself.  This means that if the server becomes unavailable, your website, mail, databases, etc., are all down.

How Does Sectorlink Cloud Differ From Other Hosts?

A single user interface for all services, features, or functions is utilized.  Customers can interact with multiple platforms (Windows and Linux hosting) with a single secure, controlled, and audited user account.  Adding and removing said services is done through a single interface.  Our Cloud hosting differs as each service (1-click application install, control panel interface, DNS, web, email, databases) is on its own separate and unique server all accessed by this single user interface.  Each website is isolated.  When you take a look at Sectorlink’s Cloud Hosting services, they are designed to host websites from entry-level to enterprise-level at a fraction of the cost that our competitors would charge for “cloud services.”

Cloud web hosting offers packages that will allow you to maintain your Cloud presence without costly use.  Sectorlink offers you choices on how you wish to keep your online presence at a low cost without breaking the bank.  Sectorlink’s Cloud hosting is a faster and more streamlined infrastructure that will allow you to get a lot more done.

With your data hosted on multiple servers, Sectorlink’s Cloud hosting ensures that your site is more secure.  With multiple firewalls, anti-virus detection/protection, data encryption, and routine security audits, Sectorlink’s Cloud hosting is safer, more robust, and has better performance than traditional web hosting and Sectorlink’s Cloud competitors.


As stated above, choosing Sectorlink’s Cloud hosting will benefit you or your company in many ways.  Increased flexibility, heightened security, site isolation, and separate servers for each service – all will help your growth, security, and website stability.  If you are interested in our Cloud hosting service, contact us today.

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