Three Reasons Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting

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Three Reasons Cloud Hosting is Better Than Shared Hosting

 March 23rd, 2017

Are you thinking of hosting your company's website on the cloud?

You're far from being alone. About 87% of companies today are operating in the cloud in some capacity. Furthermore, 82% of companies reported that they'd saved money by switching over to the cloud. When you look at facts like those, it's hard to ignore the kinds of benefits that can only come through a hosting service.

Typically, you'll find two main options when it comes to hosting: cloud and shared hosting. Each comes with unique pros and cons; however, in the majority of cases, your best bet is to go with cloud hosting. Here's a quick look at why we think so:

Shared hosting

Shared hosting continues to be a highly popular web hosting option due to its relative affordability and availability. This type of hosting sees multiple businesses and enterprises sharing space on one server; hence, the name "shared hosting." Each user will typically have a set bandwidth limit to divvy up space for all users on the server. However, it's still possible for one user to take up an unfair share of the server's resources, creating a slower experience for all other users on the server. It may be the cheaper option, but shared hosting is typically seen as less reliable.

Cloud hosting

When you host your site on the cloud — often called cloud VPS hosting — you'll immediately take advantage of hosting your website on multiple servers. This offers you a level of protection since you can switch to a different server if one server becomes overwhelmed. For sites with higher traffic, this is essential, as it allows you to keep expanding and growing without limits. 

Why cloud hosting is the best option for you

When it comes to web hosting services, you're most likely to get the best outcome by choosing to host your site in the cloud. Most experts agree that cloud web hosting is a better option than shared hosting. Thanks to its ability to handle significantly more amounts of web traffic, higher security protections, and its level of reliability. Studies show that a whopping 80% of cloud adopters reported seeing improvements within their first six months of moving to the cloud. That alone should tell you something about the level of quality you'll find with cloud hosting.

Understanding the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting services is a crucial first step in knowing which of these two hosting options is best for your enterprise. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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