Three Things You Need To Know About Cloud Hosting

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 October 31st, 2014

Cloud hosting is a big deal. Gone are the days of having to keep data and files on one hard drive, getting confused by multiple copies held on jump drives, and losing important data as the result of a server crash. Now, businesses can keep all of their data safely stored, organized, and updated, all thanks to the wonders of cloud hosting servers.

Considering just how big a deal cloud servers are, you'd be wise to learn a few of the essential things about them. If you're thinking about using cloud hosting servers for your website, here are a few details you need to know.

It's Flexible.

Cloud hosting services are very flexible. Companies can either ramp up their server capacity quickly or scale things down if need be. It allows a business to adjust its server usage as it needs it. Other dedicated server hosting solutions often lock companies into lengthy contracts that have no room to grow or scale down. Cloud hosting, though, allows a business to adapt to changing circumstances.

It's Economical.

With its flexibility comes affordability. In fact, about 82% of companies reportedly saved money when they started using cloud hosting services. After all, companies can spend as much or as little as they need to. Back before the cloud, companies had to expand their data centers or build entirely new ones when their data needs grew. Naturally, such projects cost thousands of dollars. With the cloud, companies can now move any of their applications to a provider's infrastructure and eliminate the cost and need of having to expand their data center.

It's Time Efficient.

IT departments have a lot of responsibilities, many of which are crucial, but also menial. They tend to spend much of their time figuratively keeping the light on. They have to set up, manage, maintain, troubleshoot, and fix all their company's computer equipment, including the servers. If something is wrong with the website, they're the ones who have to fix it. With cloud hosting, though, many of these complicated tasks are offloaded to the service provider, which frees IT departments up to spend more time on critical projects.
Many companies often use cloud hosting just to unburden their IT departments. In fact, over 60% of businesses who use the cloud utilize it for IT-related operations. Consequentially, about 52% of cloud users report that it's allowed their companies to create new products and services faster.
The most important thing you need to know about the cloud is that it's flexible, affordable, and time-efficient. What more could there be in a superior hosting solution? If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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