Using Social Media To Acquire More Customers

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Using Social Media To Acquire More Customers

 April 20th, 2020

All age groups use social media.  So it comes as no surprise that there is a vast number of people that look for products and services through social media.  With this in mind, you need to mold your social media marketing into a useful tool to capture the attention of potential customers.  How?  Here are a few tips to help you!

Easy Customer Experience

Don't overly complicate the sign-up service.  Keep it short and straightforward.  If your sign-up requires pages and pages of information, you will lose the interest of your potential new customer.

The same goes for their shopping experience.  Keep things categorized and simple.  Ensure that your product search is thorough and spot on.  People do not like to search for something only to find the results to be nothing like what they searched for.

The Right Stuff

Every social media network is different.  So when you choose your platform, make sure that you are targeting the appropriate audience.  When you target the right audience for the product or service you are advertising, your marketing will be far more effective than reaching the wrong people, which will waste all your time and effort.

Your Brand Is Important

Make sure that when you market your brand, you do it with finesse and inspiration!  Do not be just another generic brand.  Show the world why your brand is the best.

Customer Feedback

Customer ratings mean everything.  When people shop, they look to see if other customers have purchased the product/service and what they think about it.  When potential customers see that your product/service is rated highly by others, people will shop at your store.  The same goes for feedback on social media.  You may find that more people visit your social media outlets and read your current customer feedback.

Customer Service

The customer is always right.  If your customer service is number one, they will keep coming. Don't forget that you also have to pay attention to your social media outlets.  People will go there looking for customer support as well.  Plus, there is a bonus; since there are numerous people that use social media, your help will be more visible to the public.

Partner With Brands You Resell

If your store sells all kinds of products, you should consider partnering or getting on their referral programs.  By joining any programs that these brands offer, you may be able to have approval seals or authorized retailer/reseller seals on your site.  This brings more trust and shows that you are an official reseller of the brand.  You can then post these authoritative seals all over your social media pages.

Responsive Mobile Websites Are Critical

If you do not already know why mobile responsive websites are essential, then look no further than here.


Yes, blogging is essential.  When you regularly blog about your products and services on social media, you are keeping your current and potentially new customers informed.  You are also showing them that you are actively keeping everyone updated on anything new, sales, events, etc.


The above tips will help you attract more attention to your social media pages.  Persistently post and show the public that you are constantly active.  Ensure that you are always monitoring your social media outlets to stay in contact with your customers, providing any customer support should it require it.

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