Web Development Tips And Tricks For Professional Coders

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Web Development Tips and Tricks for Professional Coders

 June 2nd, 2021

Web development is many things. It's complex; it's evolving; it's a fascinating virtuscape that coders love to dwell within. 

As you learn to develop your skills, there are three core principles that everyone would do well to abide by. The first involves proper annotation; the second invites adaptability; the third allows you to test your skills. 

If you habituate these three practices, we're confident your expert level will rise. With that comes a greater workload, interesting projects, and a wealth of knowledge that can be passed down to up-and-comers. 

Comment Your Code

It seems strange that this needs to be mentioned. But, we come across it so often that we knew it had to be first on our list of web development tips and tricks. Stand tall above the crowd by commenting your code. 

Sometimes, there's simply no way to make code more readable. If you think this applies to any of your coding, add a comment so future developers can understand what they're reading. 

This also creates a nice opportunity for you to review your work and grow. Think of it like going back to review your handwritten notes. If you can't make out what you wrote, it doesn't do you (or any onlookers) any good. 

Don't Be Afraid to Evolve

Let's stay with the notion of growth. For those of us that started coding several years ago, the lay of the land was enormously different. In truth, there's no choice but to evolve. Here's a prime example. 

Once upon a time, we weren't all attached to our cell phones. As such, mobile optimization wasn't a consideration.

In those instances, front- and back-end development was far more basic. The front end needed HTML tables and the backend needed static or running custom ASP/PHP.

In the present climate, frontend platforms must be designed so they're fully responsive to every device. This requires more due diligence and, of course, the willingness to evolve. 

Start Open-Sourcing

This should be on everyone's list of web development tips. Get out there in the community. If you jump on open-source projects, you're only going to expand your horizon. When you help others solve their ongoing coding dilemmas, you're building your own muscle mass. 

Furthermore, each success will contribute to your overall reputation in the development community. This is a win-win (and a great opportunity to model proper commenting to your peers)!

Web Development for You

We hope these three simple web development ideas will start to elevate you to new heights. While tips for web developers abound, allow these three to become your core. 

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Our innovations will serve you well, as we provide speed, reliability, scalability, and support 24/7. We look forward to hosting you!

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