What Is A Contact Page And Why You Need One

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What Is A Contact Page And Why You Need One

 May 8th, 2020

Your contact page is more than just a customer support tool.  It is a website page that your customers and vendors need to have a reliable way to contact you.  With this in mind, here are a few reasons why you should have a contact page.


Communication is vital when it comes to building relationships not only with your customers but with other business entities as well.  Communication helps you learn about your vendors and what they offer, as well as what your customers desire.

Feedback, Support, Products & Services

Communication leads to critical feedback that will help you better not only your relations, but also your customer service, customer support, and most importantly, your products and services.  With this in mind, you should consider having a link to a customer feedback form.

Location, Hours Of Operation, Other Links

Your contact page should always post your physical address (also a link to google maps showing where your physical location is), email address (support, sales, etc.), telephone number(s), a live chat link, the type of service and support you offer, the hours of operation, links to your products or services, and the type(s) of payment you accept.

Easily Accessible

Do not make it difficult to find your contact page.  Customers and Vendors need a way to contact you quickly, and if you have them jumping through hoops, you may lose them.  Your customers and even vendors will have certain expectations when it comes to being able to contact you.  If you make it challenging to find your contact page, people will think that there might be something shady about you and your business.


Now you know why having a contact page is so essential.  It is a reliable way to ensure that you always keep in contact with your customers and vendors.  More importantly, it provides helpful information to your customers.  If you currently do not have a contact page, you should consider designing and implementing one immediately.

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