What Is A Good Open Source Scheduling Solution?

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What is a good open source scheduling solution?

 July 1st, 2020

Booked is a 1-click install application that allows users to register and then place reservations on any kind of resources, such as conference rooms, machines, computers, etc.  The administrative side allows complete control over user permissions, resource data, reservation data, and is has many configurable settings.

Why Use Booked?

Whether your business is small, medium or large, Booked can help your organization manage, book, and track resources of any type.  With multiple views and powerful tools, you will be able to find available times for the resource you need quickly.  Booked can accommodate any schedule you can come up with.

Administrators can ensure that resources are equitably distributed using quotas.  Administrators can also control certain items that require reservation approval.  Booked can also cancel any no show to free it up for someone else.  You can also set a time buffer to ensure that staff have enough time for prep time and clean up.


  • OS independent. It only requires a web server running PHP and MySQL.
  • Multiple languages and cultures.
  • Simple to install in any environment with a web-based or manual installation process available.
  • Easy to extend with many pluggable components.
  • An unlimited number of schedules, resources, users, and reservations.
  • Active support community.
  • Easy to use administrative tools make it easy to find quickly, manage, and export data.
  • Powerful reporting system.
  • Recurring reservations with start and end reminders.
  • Mobile-first, fully responsive user interface.
  • Mounted tablet display for real-time availability and sign-up.
  • Comprehensive API.
  • Out of the box SSO integration with AD, LDAP, CAS, SAML, and more.
  • Limit usage to registered users or open it up to guests.
  • Intuitive click and drag schedule view allows users to find and book an available time slot quickly.
  • Organize users and limit access by groups.
  • Flexible layout configuration lets you set up schedules that fit your needs.
  • Limit and control resource usage with flexible rules and quota system.
  • Optionally review and approve reservation requests.
  • Integration with Outlook┬«, Google┬« Calendar, or any other system that accepts .ical files.
  • Customizable look and feel.
  • Tiered roles and permissions.
  • A perfect solution for Lab and Core Facility Management
  • Facebook, and Google authentication.
  • Waitlist sign-up if a resource is unavailable.
  • Flexible credit system to ensure resource usage is appropriately accounted for.
  • Find an opening by viewing the schedule or searching for an available time.
  • Payment integration to allow for usage charges.
  • Unlimited custom fields to capture any information you need.


If you are looking for scheduling software that can handle your business (no matter the size), provides search tools, beautiful views that allow everyone to see resource availability, and numerous features, then booked is the scheduling software for your organization.

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