What Is A Virtual Dedicated Server?

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What Is a Virtual Dedicated Server?

 August 29th, 2022

More than 70 percent of global outsourcing contracts are for information technology services. Many smaller businesses begin with shared hosting or cloud services. 

Is your business outgrowing your current hosting services? Are you wondering if a virtual dedicated server is right for your operations? Here's some information that will help you make your decision. 

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server?

A virtual dedicated server (VDS) is a server that's hosted online but is reserved for the use of a single business. You could buy a physical server and pay for the housing and maintenance of the hardware. Instead, your company outsources these tasks to a third party through a VDS. 

The advantage of having resources dedicated to your company is improved reliability and power. You are in charge of the virtual dedicated server setup. 

You have more control over the system you build and can install your choice of operating system and software. Your team will manage user accounts and configure the network interfaces and firewall.

Benefits of a Virtual Dedicated Server

For small or medium-sized businesses, leasing or purchasing a physical server may cost too much. It requires a significant investment in hardware and ongoing maintenance.

Shared hosting may be an option to consider as a first step to outsourcing your hardware needs. There are a few downsides to shared hosting as your business grows.

A virtual dedicated server may be a better choice for the following reasons. 

Outsourced Support

Buying a virtual dedicated server is easy when you find the right service provider. Look for 24/7 technical support and an uptime guarantee to ensure your systems are always online.

Companies that provide various server options let you scale up as your operations expand. Reliability and security are a high priority when it comes to your data. 

Software Availability

When you choose the less expensive shared hosting option, you can only access the software the hosting service provides. Virtual dedicated server tips include the benefit of your choice of software. A VDS can provide the hosting you want with the software you prefer.

Virtual dedicated server costs more than shared hosting. Access to the right software will offset the extra cost. You can measure this using an opportunity cost formula.

Improved System Performance

With shared hosting, system performance depends on the demand or load. Other businesses are running their operations on the same server. As your business grows, you may outgrow this shared option. 

Your computing needs may exceed the abilities of your existing shared hosting. That's when a virtual dedicated server can provide the extra power you need. 

Security and Data Protection

Companies use VDS services when they are designing or developing new software. It's beneficial for testing new software as it operates outside your existing systems. Virtual dedicated servers are ideal for projects that need higher security and data protection.

Virtual Dedicated Server

We have a team of specialists ready to work with you to select the correct server for your operational needs. 

Contact Sectorlink for the best advice on a virtual dedicated server to meet your business requirements.

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