What Is A Webinar, And Why You Should Be Doing Webinars?

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What Is a Webinar, And Why You Should Be Doing Webinars?

 January 28th, 2020

A webinar is a seminar or presentation done over the internet.  It could be a workshop or even a lecture.  All of this using video conferencing software.  So why should you also consider doing them?  Here are a few reasons.

A great way to generate leads

Inform the public on how to use a product

Customers do not need to travel to watch

Inform the public on how to use a service

Customers could view your webinar for free, which could potentially also bring in new customers

Customers could pay for workshop lectures, which brings in extra revenue

Customers having experience with your products and services intermingle and help promote your company’s products or services

All webinars can be archived and viewed for a fee, which brings in extra revenue

Advertising and listing your webinar on websites for online events can reach new contacts that you may not have been able to reach before

Using social media for your webinar can also reach out to new customers and other resources

You can allow customers the opportunity to ask questions about your product or service

You can run polls during your webinar on your products and services.

You can have customers send in feedback during your webinar of problematic issues; you can then talk about them and how to resolve them

If you are selling a product, you will be able to attract global customers

Most importantly, before broadcasting, ensure that you research to determine the system requirements your viewers will need to view your webinar.  Otherwise, you may end up having frustrated customers that are not able to view your webinar, which could lead to damaging your credibility and reputation.


As you can see from above, webinars are a great resource that will enhance your revenue, brand awareness, and your company’s reputation.  If you have not already done so, consider using webinars to help your business today.

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