What Is Audio Marketing And Why Use It?

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What Is Audio Marketing And Why Use It?

 February 24th, 2020

Simply put, audio marketing is the practice of producing sound recordings.  These typically are used for radio shows and podcasts.  Then, you place links on your website that point to the dates and times your audio recordings will broadcast.  So how can these benefit you?


Even though the radio is still one of the oldest forms of advertisement, it is still widely used.  It is also one of the best ways to reach consumers for every industry.  Think about it; everyone listens to music everywhere they go – exercise, on the way to work, doing chores, etc.  Radio advertising is one of the best ways to reach your audience.


When people start listening to podcasting, they typically become loyal to the podcast.  Podcasting is great for your business.  Talking about your products and services, as well as industry standards, etc., you will keep your listeners informed, educated, and engaged.  These can either be prerecorded or live.  Each podcast can be saved and replayed.


The very best reason why audio marketing succeeds is the fact that people who listen can do more than one thing at a time.  While engaged with your radio ad or podcast, people are doing all sorts of things.  Audio allows them to do this, unlike video, which requires them to watch and consume all of their time.  Understand that video marketing is also essential.  However, people who do not have the time to sit and watch, audio marketing allows them to still engage while being able to do other things.

Links On Your Website

Don’t forget you can provide links to your podcasts, or even post times, your audio marketing will be heard on the radio.  Your customers that hear your podcasts will help generate leads by word of mouth to their co-workers and friends.


Audio marketing is just as important as video marketing.  In fact, for those people who are to busy to sit and watch, audio marketing will allow them to engage while still doing other things.  Audio marketing helps solve every business’s growing problems.  Do not pass up on audio marketing as it can reach a whole different crowd.

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