What is multi-tenancy in the cloud and how is my data secure?

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What is multi-tenancy in the cloud and how is my data secure?

 September 5th, 2019

Multi-tenancy in the Cloud is where customers share computing resources, whether said resources are private or public.

Private vs Public Cloud

Private Cloud can be either different individuals or groups within a single company.  A public Cloud, for example, would be your trusted hosting provider that shares its server space.  Each customer has their own individual space for their data.


What is important to understand is that each customer’s data is isolated from one another so that data cannot be seen or shared by each customer.  Because of the complexity of permissions that are set for each individual customer, they are not able to traverse outside their secure space.

Also, remember there are two more factors in the works regarding security.  First is the Cloud network’s security.  The second is each individual server’s security.  Because of the complexity of the Cloud network (hardware, firewalls, software etc) as well as data being stored on multiple servers, each in itself having their own security set (firewalls, hardware, software, individual customer permissions), this also increases security.  All of this is designed to lock up your data and keep it safe.

The Benefits of Multi-Tenancy

There are a few benefits of multi-tenancy.  We have already discussed the great security measure benefits.  The next benefit would be the increased storage space.  This is because data is spread throughout multiple servers.  The third benefit is access speed, because the data is not all clustered in a single machine thus causing hardware or software latency.  Throw in a fourth benefit, virtualization, and now you can have the flexibility of having virtual access from just about anywhere.


There are great benefits utilizing multi-tenancy for Cloud hosting; reliability, access speed, virtualization and insane security measures – all of these will benefit your online presence, protection of your data, your customers’ data, and will allow your customers the quick and easy use of your website.  You should take a look at Sectorlink’s Cloud Web Hosting and Cloud server hosting today.