What Is Server Co-location?

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What Is Server Co-location?

 March 8th, 2022

Did you know that the market for data center co-location currently sits at $44.2 billion? This huge sum illustrates the number of people who are interested in having their data stored in one of these locations. Plus, since it's growing at a rate of 13.3% annually, its popularity is only about to increase.

But what is server co-location, exactly? What makes it a worthwhile investment? Read on to answer these questions and to get some server co-location benefits.

What Is Server Co-Location?

Server co-location is when you house your servers in professional data centers. These servers are held outside of your workplace in a location taken care of by experts. Data centers usually hold a lot of servers so that they can store data from multiple businesses.

Co-location is similar to renting out a safe at a storage facility. Instead of renting out physical space to store valuables, you're renting out virtual space on one of the data center's servers. Authorized users can connect to these servers from any device in any location.

Is This Secure?

Businesses that work with sensitive data need to make security a priority. Co-location centers solve a lot of regular security issues that businesses that store their own servers might face. There are specific measures in place to protect against theft- centers keep all servers in cages under heavy lock and key.

The room also requires a lot of authentication prior to entry. No one sans those who work for the center can get in. This is in contrast to servers that businesses hold in their own offices, which can be stolen if someone breaks into the facility.

Another way that data centers better secure data is that they have experts constantly updating information, testing and enhancing security features, and backing up your data. You don't need to worry about hackers or malware stealing information. You also don't need to worry about the data being lost since backups are always accessible.

Why Is Co-Location a Good Idea?

Speaking of disaster recovery, co-location also serves to protect servers from natural disasters. The facility is floodproof, fireproof, and unlikely to be affected by tornadoes or hurricanes. Your server won't just be protected from other humans but also from the natural world.

Another great benefit of co-location is that it saves you space. Servers are large and bulky, and they can be a huge fixture in your workspace if you have a lot of data. When you purchase space at a colocation center, you can use your office for other storage or functions.

Server co-location is also extremely cost-effective. Multiple customers are hosted in a data center, so you're only paying for a small share of it. You benefit from this scaled price.

Get Started With Data Storage

So, what is server co-location? It's a simple way to ensure that your data is safe and protected.

Now that you know all of the basics of co-location, it's time to get started. Sectorlink is committed to providing you with the top co-location services available. Contact our experts with any remaining questions that you have or to start hosting your data on one of our servers.

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