What Is The Best Email Hosting Service For Small Businesses?

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What is the Best Email Hosting Service for Small Businesses?

 February 9th, 2023

In the average business, you can expect an individual to send or receive around 121 different emails in a single day. This can be a real pain to work through without tools to help you reduce the amount of time it takes. As such, you will want to look for the best email hosting service possible for your needs, but what does that mean?

This article will run through some of the features you can expect a great email web hosting service to provide. As you investigate your options, make sure to check if they have these features or not, as they might help you get through your day that much faster.

Calendar and Contacts

Such a system should store your contacts and any other info related to them, including phone numbers and data on their organization. These should sync between any device you have, giving you the same information no matter where you are.

Task Tracking

With a powerful task management system, you can track how fast you are resolving issues.

On top of this, you can also have up-to-date information on communication relating to them by linking email chains. This way, everyone can have transparency on how far along a task is at any time.

Webmail Services

You may not always be at a computer offering a standalone email client. Alternatively, there is the possibility you might only be logging into a system via a phone while on the road.

Both these situations demand you have a well-designed webmail system. By logging into this via an online form, you can see your communication no matter where you are. This helps whether you are checking a quick email on your day off or catching up on the day's work while on the road.

Direct Communication

Sometimes, an email feels somewhat ponderous to engage with. Sometimes you need to be face-to-face to get "the most efficient and effective method" of communication.

You, thus, want the option to talk to people via online chat. This can happen via text if people engage asynchronously with one another but is best done via voice or video.

If two people are available at the same time they should be able to engage with one another in real time. This allows you to have the highest level of clear communication possible, through tone and body language.

Enjoy the Best Email Hosting Service

With the above information, you should have a much better idea of how to find the best email hosting service to match your needs. If we could make a suggestion, we would of course recommend our own Smarter 365 Business Mail. It has all the above features and more, ready for you to get started with.

If you want to learn more, we are only a phone call away and our experts are ready to talk to you about your needs. So, give us a call to get started on your steps toward a better email experience.

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