What To Expect From The Best Dedicated Server Hosting

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What to Expect From the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

 October 8th, 2020

Of the 1.8 billion websites in the world, around 200 million are active. While some of those sites belong to major corporations running in-house server farms, hosting services keep many of those sites online.

Hosting services offer different service levels, such as shared hosting vs. dedicated server hosting. As a general rule, companies with significant traffic opt for dedicated hosting because it offers more benefits.

If you're considering a change, you probably wonder what to expect from the best-dedicated server hosting. Keep reading for a quick over the qualities you should expect.

Better Speed

In shared hosting, every active site gets a piece of the server resources. This can slow your site load times. Given that Google uses load times for ranking, that can prove problematic for you.

With dedicated server hosting, your site gets the full resources of the server. This improves your load speeds and overall performance of your site. You make Google happy and improve the customer experience.

Better Security

As anyone who shares a fridge at an office knows, shared spaces are less secure spaces. Most of the time, it's not an issue, but occasionally it's a serious issue.

Shared hosting makes your site vulnerable if another site on the server gets compromised. This can prove true even if you employ excellent security measures. You're sharing digital space.

Managed dedicated server hosting eliminates almost all of the security issues involved with shared hosting. The service handles all of the routine security patch updates.

Plus, the service will help you implement a custom plan if you need specialized security measures. For example, if you deal with health data, you must conform to HIPAA regulations or the GDPR.


Dedicated server web hosting typically comes with an enhanced level of support. Rather than getting an email back with 48 hours, you typically get 24/7 support. This means your site gets back up and running faster.

The less time your site spend down, the less business you lose.

Server Options

Another benefit that some dedicated server hosting companies offer is server options. For example, a company might offer servers with increasingly better hardware, such as:

  • More CPU cores
  • More threads
  • More RAM
  • More hard drive memory

These options let you handpick a server that will best suit your needs.

Choosing the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

The qualities listed above gives you a solid starting point for choosing the best-dedicated server hosting.

The hosting should offer better speed and performance for your website. You should get a better or custom security experience.

The company should offer 24/7 support for your site. In ideal circumstances, you should even see server options with different hardware packages.

Beyond that, though, you should look for a company with good overall customer service. Your experience with the company while exploring them as an option should leave you feeling good about them. Good customer service typically extends throughout an organization.

Sectorlink specializes in hosting services for websites at every level. For more information about our dedicated server hosting, contact us today.

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