When Should I Move My Online Presence To A Dedicated Server?

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When Should I Move My Online Presence To A Dedicated Server?

 March 25th, 2020

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Now that you are a bit more familiar with the differences in hosting, we can now discuss when and why you might move your website(s) and applications to a dedicated server solution.


If you are just starting or your website(s) and applications are currently on a shared or cloud web hosting environment, you might not be ready to spend that extra money on a dedicated server solution. 

Resource Requirement

As previously stated, your site may not be ready to move into a dedicated hosting option.  However, when it does grow large enough, outgrowing shared server resources, as well as causing latency in a shared hosting environment because your site is overusing resources, its time to move.

Custom Software

As noted in the articles above, if, at the outset, you are using custom software that cannot be used in a shared hosting or cloud shared hosting environment, then using a dedicated server may be your only option.

Early Planning

It is crucial to monitor your site’s performance.  Among other reasons, if your site begins to slow, and your trusted hosting provider is informing you that your site is starting to use more resources than it should, you will want to consider moving your site to a dedicated server before your site(s) cause any further problems in your shared hosting environment.


As your website(s) start to grow larger, plan for growth early on so that you do not run into trouble.  Watch your website’s performance and take the necessary steps to ensure quick problem resolution.

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