Why Choose A Website Builder For Your Online Presence?

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Why choose a Website Builder for your online presence?

 August 22nd, 2019

Website Builders are a great way to get your individual or business website online quickly!

The most important key factor is simplicity.  No experience is required when you design your website with Sectorlink's Website Builder. You do not need to worry about being a website developer, nor do you need to hire one.  Web development can be costly, and there is no reason you cannot just do it yourself.   Most people want to be in control of their website content, and they do not want to rely on a developer for updates and changes.  Not to mention, what if your web developer is busy and cannot get to you right away?  Sectorlink’s Website Builder resolves those design and problematic scheduling issues.

You can demo Sectorlink's site builder here.

Easy To Use

Personal, business, and e-commerce sites are easy to build by dragging items to the pages you add.  Using this demo link you will get an idea of how Sectorlink's Website Builder works, you will also get familiar with the templates, shopping cart, SEO tools, media tools, text, pictures and images, maps, shapes, lines, buttons, forms, menus, multiple page creation, multiple languages, block items, social media tools and eCommerce solutions you have to choose from.  You can even select to preview your site design to look at your progress.  Make a mistake? No problem!  Simply select undo to remove the last thing you did.  Once you are done, simply select publish, and your site is now live.


Here are some of the template categories that are included:

Art                               Bootstrap style                      Business                                 E-commerce

Education                    Energy                                  Entertainment                         Events

Food                            Health                                   Hotels                                     Landing page

Media                          Nature                                   Personal page                        Services

Social                          Sport                                     Technology                             Transport

Travel                          Under construction

There are over 190 professional website templates to choose from.  You simply select your desired template and then drag and drop away to design your professional looking website.

Importing Your Existing Website

Any site can be imported.  Simply select “import site” in the drop-down menu, and type the website URL in the website field.  The magic happens on its own.  Your entire website will import, and you can start making changes immediately.

Multi-Language Support

Sectorlink's Website Builder includes multiple language support for your online presence by merely dragging the language plugin to any page.  You just select the languages that apply to your visitors, which will automatically translate your pages.  Your customers will then see a language drop-down menu where you placed it on your page, which will allow them to select their preferred language.

E-Commerce Solutions

You can easily drag and drop your shopping cart to your template.  The same drag and drop process applies to include your payment gateway(s).  The following payment gateways are included:

2Checkout                               Alipay                                     Braintree                                  Buy Now

Dragonpay                              Mollie                                      PagSeguro                               PayFast

Paysera                                    Paytrail                                    PayU                                       PayUmoney

Skrill                                        Stripe                                       Webmoney Button                  Webmoney Widget

To enter your products, simply click on the drop-down box at the top right and change the selection from home to shop. Next, scroll to the section of the page that shows products and double-click it.  Here, you can add/remove products, set your currency, fonts, position, and visibility filters, and the size of your product page.

By clicking on the shopping cart icon, you can set up your payment gateway, create custom invoices, generate custom terms/agreements, and select what page(s) to show the shopping cart.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is an approach to web page creation that makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images, and cascading style sheet media queries.  The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.  Sectorlink's Website Builder’s responsive design includes phone, U Phone, Tablet, Desktop, Widescreen, and U Wide.

Making your website responsive consists of the following steps:

1.    Turn on the "Phone" mode;

2.    Move each element considering borders on the mobile version;

3.    Check this mobile version on Preview and enable it;

4.    Do the same with other website versions: Tablet, Desktop, Wide;

5.    Use Auto Layout mode, which makes your website responsive automatically (you need to create 1 version only).

It's as simple as that!


SEO includes Google analytics (input your tracking ID), Google Webmaster Tools (input your code), and your sitemap URL.  These are some of the best SEO tools available!

Social Media

Social Media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Spotify, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, and Twitter all have drag and drops to add to your website.


Your Website would not be complete without Sectorlink's top-notch email services.  These include:

•      Secure Webmail

•      POP, POPS

•      Imap, IMAPS

•      SMTP, SMTPS

•      Virus Protection

•      Spam Protection


Not all Website Builder services are as simple, fast, efficient, and responsive as Sectorlink's Website Builder.  With all of these tools and features listed above, you cannot go wrong having Sectorlink's Website Builder as your online presence partner.  Use the demo link today, and take a look at how Sectorlink can help your online presence and your financial growth soar.

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