Why Choose AB For Your Joomla Site?

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Why Choose AB For Your Joomla Site?

 July 18th, 2019

AB is an extension that has been around since 2006.  AB has had millions of downloads and has had numerous praise in the Joomla Extensions Directory.  AB has won three. O.S.C.A.R. awards. A single goal: backup, restore, and transfer your website.

AB’s top features are:

One-click backup
That's all it takes to create a full site backup. The archive includes your database, files, and the restoration script. 

Multiple formats available
Standard ZIP archives, highly optimized JPA archives, or AES-128 secured JPS archives. It's your choice.

Customizable Backup Profiles
You get to choose what should be left out of the backup. Files or tables. And with multiple backup profiles, you only set it up once.

Automatic Configuration
Akeeba Backup configures itself optimally for your server. Have a problem? ALICE, our automated log analyzer, will provide you with the right solution based on our years-long experience.

Migrate. Move. Duplicate
Migrate your site to a different server. Move it to a different location. Or create an exact clone. With Akeeba Backup, it's a piece of cake!

Take it to the Cloud
What good is a backup if your server goes down forever? Don't risk! Let Akeeba Backup automatically copy it to the Cloud. Built-in support for Amazon S3, DropBox, and much more!

Automatic Backups
Akeeba Backup can take backups automatically.
With four different automation ways, one is
always compatible with your site. Let it back-up
and sleep tight!


AB offers several packages for yearly support, including bundle purchases.


If you want a Joomla plugin that will help you back up your website, then Akeeba Backup is the plugin you will want for your Joomla website.  For 13 years, AB has helped Joomla users in disaster prevention by aiding in the backup of websites.  If you have not checked Akeeba Backup out yet, then what are you waiting for?  Download and install the AB plugin for your Joomla site today.

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